5 bands I Am David Sparkle want to see at Baybeats 2016

5 bands I Am David Sparkle want to see at Baybeats 2016

Despite their 15 years as a band, and their recent state of disparate activity, there's still plenty more to expect from I Am David Sparkle.

Their last album, the highly-acclaimed Swords, was released in 2010, and their follow-up, titled Art is Blood, is still in the pipeline with an undetermined release date. What we can confirm is that they've already played some of its songs live, and they sound phenomenal.

Embracing heavier riffs and complicated, overwhelming structures, we can only wait until the band finally makes its announcement for the long-awaited album.

For now, they'll be playing a late-night set at Baybeats Festival, and they've shared with us the bands they want to see through the weekend — most of whom the band's members have been involved with, one way or another. Extra trivia time!

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Cashew Chemists

Adel used to session for Cashew Chemists and he's excited to watch the three guitar Cashew lineup.

Killeur Calculateur

Our good friends from across the border who never fail to put up a kickass show.


Junaidi and Ahmad used to play with Adel in Amateur Takes Control so it'll be nice to catch them perform new material.


Super close friends of ours. In fact the members of Plainsunset have at one point of time played in the same bands as members of IADS such as Return to Fall, Happy Hour Gizmos, 59minutes, OK Karaoke just to name a few.


Axel, who also plays for T-Rex, was in doom metal band SATAN with Zahir. It'll be nice to see what his up to in Sphaeras.

Baybeats Festival 2016 is happening from 24th to 26th June. Click here to find out the full line-up and schedule.