5 Must See Acts at 1 World Music Fest

If anything, the 1 World Music Festival boasts a lineup so star-studded, it'll give other festivals happening on that day a run for its money. From Tom Cruise's son to lion city boys, it is the most diverse lineup we have seen in these parts. With so much going on and heaps to watch, we'll let you in on our top picks!


Take a break from all the EDM and rave madness going on around and take a breather with Yuna. With her soft but unequivocal melodies and warm acoustic instrumentations, she is a breath of fresh air and just the right amount of chill for a festival. This girl does wicked covers of contemporary songs and tends to mix it up in her set so keep a look out!

Snoop Dogg

Snoop Dogg, Snoop Lion, we've lost track but we don't care what persona he takes, he is still our favourite laid-back rapper. Expect an eclectic set where you might see him drop some fresh island beats (if he's channelling Snoop Lion), his trademark ultra-smooth drawling, and his tendency to do some impromptu freestylin'. He's also as excited to be coming into our hood: 

Iggy Azalea

Blonde, model-looks, Australian, and feisty in-your-face rap artist Iggy Azalea is gritty and bada$$. She raps in a Southern American accent, started getting into rap at age 11 and cites Tupac and Missy Elliot as major influences. Her promotional singles 'Pu$$y' and 'My World' was put up on YouTube and went viral quickly. Probably one of the more fascinating personalities on this lineup, Azalea a must-see. 


Also on this spectacular lineup is iconic electronic artist Moby. Back in 1999 when Play was released, it warranted our ears and attention, it was electronic music made accessible. Moby's music also kicked off a trend of electronic producers and DJs to move into the mainstream and in this day and age when electronic music has become the dominant form of music, we would have to thank Moby. Ready for release on Oct 1, Moby's new offering Innocents will surely mean him premiering some new tracks at 1 World. 


As of 2013, N*E*R*D announced that they are no longer an active band. Lucky us then, that 1/3 of the group decided to recruit DJ Daniel Biltmore to elevate their music to new heights. Expect an amalgam of rock, soul, hip-hop and electronica in their repertoire of songs when they hit the decks. And then you know it's party time. 

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1 World Music Festival is cancelled.