5 Regional Bands To Check Out #4

In need to update your music playlist? We take you around the region in this new series, introducing new bands, new genres and new music not too far away from home. Southeast Asia is such a culturally diverse and musically intriguing area, and we'll take you through it bit by bit. Explore sounds from Indonesia, Philippines, Malaysia, Thailand and more - we might even throw in a cheesy pop boyband sometime soon. We're also open to suggestions, so throw us some names if you're in the know of any best-kept secrets. You'll be surprised with what our neighbours have up their sleeves! 

Slow Hello (PH)

Uncomplicated indie-pop, the music of Slow Hello is sweet and pure, reminiscent of a lazy Sunday evening, comfortable and like an old cardigan you will never discard. Sort of a supergroup in the Philippines, the members originate from other great indie bands such as Ang Bandang Shirley, The Strangeness and Twin Lobster. 

Strange Fruit (ID)

Down in Jakarta, the 90s are very much alive - and in the form of Strange Fruit. Fuzzed out lo-fi vocals, loud heady guitars, and rocking tunes that make you sit up and listen. Drawing influences from psychedelic rock, post-punk, and garage rock, we hope to see more from this band.

The Experience Brothers (ID)

Straight up feel good rock and roll music, the vibe from The Experience Brothers is a sort of vibrant recklessness you'd want to indulge in. With just a set of drums and an electric guitar, these brothers bring catchy guitar riffs and anthemic drums to their live sets. Psychedelic rock from Bekasi, this two-man band sound even better live - we'd know

Lustbass (PH)

Lounge music gets a revamp with Lustbass. A side project of Allan Dela Merced Malabanan, also from Manila-based band Wilderness (think frantic rock), Lustbass was an outlet to channel his jazz roots. What works with his music is that he infuses his brand of chillout jazzy music with some electronic elements that comes out as crisp, smooth, and definitely far from elevator music. 

Cloud Behind (TH)

Dream pop by way of Thailand, this five-piece band creates perfect summery melodies with layered fuzzy guitars, mellow vocals, and the ambience of lush haziness. Deservingly, they will also be the opening band for Norwegian dream pop outfit Postiljonen when they make their way to SEA.