7 Must Go Clubs and Parties (April - June)

Nightlife in Singapore has always been abundant. But all that is nightlife is not just trashy ah beng tiu-tiu music. Clubbing also does not have to mean swanky nightclubs that cost an arm and a leg, here's a peak into the sophisticated part of nightlife in the city. A rooftop club, a basement one, and a myriad of international electronic acts that will be gracing our shores. 

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UK breakout dance duo Disclosure make their debut in Singapore next month for a DJ set. Barely even 20, the Lawrence brothers have a knack for producing stunning and catchy dance tunes that somehow latch on to you. 2013 was a breakout year for the duo, achieving #1 on charts everywhere and guesting on festivals and worldwide gigs. 

Bassis ft. New York Transit Authority

NYTA actually hails not from the Big Apple, but from Bristol, UK. His real name is Mensah Anderson, who is also the seasoned producer simply known as Mensah. NYTA focuses on being a fresh outlet for his 120 – 130bpm 80s Electro, House & Techno influenced tracks & creations.

Wax On Wax Off Record Store Day Party

To commemorate Record Store Day in Singapore, a collective of 'strictly vinyl' DJs are coming together for a celebration of music on this old-school medium of vinyl. Enjoy a day of all things music and vinyl atop the rooftop bar, Loof, with flea markets, DJ sets and also a live set by These Brittle Bones. 

Zouk 23rd Anniversary Week 

Your favourite club celebrates 23 years of top class party-throwing. Kicking off 16 April, the festivities will go on for over four days with a new exciting event happening on each day. On board they have on helm at the decks, the likes of Fedde Le Grand and Sander van Doorn, and for all those who have missed Mambo Nights, well here's a one night only offer! 


For a different sort of club experience, there's Loof. A rooftop bar that has seen some of the best electronic acts perform. Instead of the dim settings of a club and/or the flashy lights, you'll find lush green walls and foliage at Loof. Come on get your party on, on a rooftop, surrounded by greenery. 


Described as the 'biggest, noisiest, busiest, handsomest bar' in the Ann Siang area, it is for chilling, it is for drinking, and it also throws some of the more happening parties around. Gem Bar holds regular music nights that hosts some heavyweights in the local electronic scene. 

Assembly (Kyo)

A spatial excursion to techno music, Assembly is a tribute to the origins of the genre and how it is created, owned and reinvented by different cities, scenes and subcultures. Held at the swanky and lush Kyo, Assembly gathers techno ambassadors from home and around the region. First series, 'Detroit' kicks off April 12.