A Mothers' Day Playlist

Yes, she may be your mother everyday but for Mothers' Day this year she gets a playlist. If you're all set to bring her out to some Instagram-worthy alfresco cafe on Sunday, good on you son. If you haven't, come on man a cheap card costs less than $5. Regardless, we've crafted for you the perfect bouquet of songs about the sweetest lady you know: Mother. 


Billy Joel - She's Always a Woman To Me

It's a song all women wish it was about them, so let's dedicate it to our mothers.

Backstreet Boys - The Perfect Fan

Perfectly straightforward thematically, the song was written for their mothers for always being the um, perfect fan. 

The Lonely Island (featuring Justin Timberlake) - Motherlover

A little off-centre, the song is equal parts shocking, hilarious, and a little crude (we're just warning you!).

2Pac - Dear Mama

There are so many rappers out there with songs for their moms so we had to narrow it down, of course we had to include 2Pac. 

Kanye West - Hey Mama

This song was written to show how much he appreciated his mother for raising him through hardship and instilling values in him - it's nice to see a softer side to Kanye. 

Taylor Swift - The Best Day

The queen of pop fairytale-telling writes a song for her mom on childhood memories. A good one to reminisce about old times with your mom. 

Julia - Sean Lennon (The Beatles cover)

A tender song dedicated to all the women in his life, John Lennon dedicated this song to his mother, and wife Yoko Ono.

Drake - Look What You've Done (Take Care)

Another showcasing a rapper in a tribute to mom, here is Drake in a song for his grandmother and mom.

Ozzy Osbourne - Mama I'm Coming Home

The king of darkness also has a tender side in this ballad he penned for his wife, Sharon. 

Spice Girls - Mama

But of course, the Spice Girls.