abbatoirblues releases compelling self-titled EP – listen

abbatoirblues releases compelling self-titled EP – listen

Hardcore punk band, abbatoirblues, makes its debut today with the release of its self-titled EP. 

Its debut offering centres on the theme of the ongoing cruel treatment of animals for global consumption. With declarative verses which are accompanied by monstrous drums and breakneck guitars, the band affirms its message and its emphatic commitment to the cause.

Credit must be given to the band for being political without being too preachy. There's a considered balance of anthemic merit and abrasiveness that plays out very well in all the tracks. To highlight a couple: Rock 'n' roll- inflected basslines feature in the track ‘absolve’ and an almost-light-hearted guitar riff at the start of ‘product’, before plunging into bludgeoning hardcore sounds. The whole runtime of the eight-track-EP is only around 10 minutes, but it makes a strong case every step of the way.

Listen to the EP below.

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