Alex Kennon vs. Joyfull Family's The Party Is Over: A track-by-track guide

Alex Kennon vs. Joyfull Family's The Party Is Over: A track-by-track guide

From his classical guitar education as child, to his work in radio as a teen, all the way up till his current renown as a DJ and producer - Alex Kennon has spent a lifetime immersed in music. 

Though a connoisseur of many styles and genres from a young age, he found his calling in electronic music when he turned 15. Sparked by a healthy love of house and deep-tech sounds, Kennon's leanings eventually grew towards the realms of dub and acid thanks to the influence of legends like Omar S and Mr. G.

It was only a matter of time before the prodigious Italian went from collecting records to playing them out himself. Starting out behind the decks at various clubs within his home country, Kennon soon began gaining enough notice to start touring all across Europe, Asia and beyond.

But as quickly as momentum was starting to build, it was his encounter with Ibiza that truly propelled his career. Debuting at the famed Ushuaia, the fledging DJ quickly became hot favourite on the island, regularly commanding high-profile showcases at John Digweed and MK's legendary Insane parties at Pacha.

Naturally huge slots at festivals such as JEMF, Spellground and Kudos Beach Festival (among many others) would follow. But beyond his skyrocketing profile as a DJ, Kennon would also go on to make a huge mark as producer as well. 

Buoyed by a string of critically adored releases over the last couple of years, his work in the studio quickly became just as celebrated. Most recently, Kennon actually embarked upon a really cool collaboration with Italian production trio Joyfull Family for a four-track deep house EP entitled The Party Is Over.

Ahead of his return to Zouk Singapore on Friday, 3rd February (where he'll be playing alongside Kompakt's Kölsch), we talked to Alex Kennon about the making of his stunning collaborative release.

'The Party Is Over (Original Mix)'

"For the vocal we used a sample voice found on our hard drive, and thanks to a cut in the right parts we managed to make sense of the track, mixing words of the same song in different order whilst making a big change on the tone.

The drum session was recorded live from a Yamaha RX 11, a really hyped drum in the 80’s, and after we used a plug in optical analog compressor. Then regarding the distortion on some of the fills, we managed to create this through using a famous guitar distortion: Metal Muff.

For the Bassline we used a simple Volca Bass insert on an external effect called ‘Space echo R20’ by Boss, an emulation of the historical Roland RE201.

The track was recorded live in exactly 20 minutes."

'The Party Is Over (3rd Club)'

"This track actually has exactly the same elements as the original, the only difference is that this version was not made live and features more editing on the track which was carried out in the studio. Basically it's not live recorded like the original and is more club focused."

'State of Mind'

"On this track we used quite a lot of analog gear, with a mix of samples via a laptop. We also used a few drum machines such as the Roland TR-707 and a plug-in synth that was emulating a Russian analog synth from the 80’s. The sound results are always a little raw, and this was exactly what we were looking for this vinyl release."

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