Alt Alt Summer Playlist

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Summery playlists tend have one thing in common; they lack COJONES. So what if the days are long and nights are short, somebody needs to introduce some badassery into these sunny days. The season's almost over, better get your dose of awesome while you can. Here's an alternative playlist to the alternative playlist we put up earlier. 


Banshee (Ghost Fame) | letlive.

Here's a summer song that's not dainty and shit. Kick everything you see, go ahead. 

Sleepwalking | Bring Me The Horizon

People stopping you from messing up the status quo? Kick them too. Tell the police you were sleepwalking, they can't charge you for that. 

Sunbather | Deafheaven

Oh look at that pretty pink album cover, maybe it's gonna contain some sweet indie tunes. PSYCHE, IT'S BLACK METAL. Probably the best metal album of the year too. 

Brennisteinn | Sigur Ros

Even the most delicate band in the world managed to nut-up and made an industrial song. How about you?

When I Lost My Bet | The Dillinger Escape Plan

Dillinger Escape Plan, 'nuff said. 

Uniformity | Dark Tranquility

If you haven't heard of Dark Tranquility, you've been listening to too much indie pop and classic rock (or you're just not familiar with Swedish melodic death metal).

Reach Beyond The Sun | Shai Hulud

Lyric sample: "With just one spark / I could rekindle the sun with my very hands." Boom.