Alt. Summer Playlist

It is July and summer is almost ending. Soon, some of you will have to go back to school and the sorts. Those done with institutionalised education, we high five you brother. If you're already bored to death with the mega summer hits 'Get Lucky' and 'Blurred Lines', here's something a little alt for your end-of-summer enjoyment. 


Mtn Tune - Trails And Ways

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Your typical summer tune, music video-wise - rock climbing, cycling, trekking in the woods, with vintage filter, typical summer activities. New age fun with a vintage feel. 

To the South - Motorama

Again, cycling in the woods. And a picnic! 

Shut Up  - Savages

Every summer playlist needs a girl band! This is the girl band of my choice, plus it is impossible to ignore Savages.

Pretty Boy - Young Galaxy

Indie electro-pop that sounds modern yet nostalgic of John Hughes coming-of-age films of yesteryear. 

Breakers - Local Natives

Though a generally moody album, 'Breakers' of Local Natives' latest, Hummingbird comes across as uplifting and youthful, a refreshing change from the mundane radio stuff. 

Bad Habit - Foals

Yey a NSFW video.

Indian Summer - Enemies

Well that video looks like a lot of fun. Plus the word 'summer'. Plus any excuse to listen to Enemies.

Snack Attack - A Great Big Pile of Leaves

The vibes of A Great Big Pile of Leaves is: it is 11.21 pm and you and a group of friends are just chilling in a circle with cold beer and air drumming/guitaring to songs. 

Latch - Disclosure ft. Sam Smith

No running away from Disclosure this summer, for reals. 

Get Free - Major Lazer ft. Amber of the Dirty Projectors

Because Major Lazer really knows how to party.