Ambient artist sonicbrat releases track for Piano Day

Ambient artist sonicbrat releases track for Piano Day

March 28 marks Piano Day, and an instrument as everlasting as the piano rightfully calls for a proper celebration.

Renowned musician Nils Frahm has begun commemoration of Piano Day since 2015, and this year's edition has continued to make good on its promise to be all-inclusive, inviting pianists and musicians from all over the world to take part.

Ambient project sonicbrat, the brainchild of musician Darren Ng, has released a brand new recording, titled 'air', to mark to occasion. The artist is currently on Singaporean label Kitchen. Label, who also released Greek artist Hior Chronik's 'We will grow up together' for Piano Day. Both tracks were added to the official Piano Day playlist, curated by Frahm himself. 

Listen to sonicbrat's 'air' and stream the full playlist below.



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