"I think we bring a different experience than just being in a dark room with loud music": An interview with Victor de la Serna, Music Director of elrow

"I think we bring a different experience than just being in a dark room with loud music": An interview with Victor de la Serna, Music Director of elrow

elrow have been known to throw some of the most insane parties around, with crazy stage designs and intricate craft props. With Djakarta Warehouse Project roping in elrow to design their special stage this year, we figured an interview with the minds behind elrow would be the perfect way to introduce you to the party extraordinaire.

Below, we speak to Victor de la Serna, the Music Director of elrow on what it takes to put on a show as intricate as theirs, and what you can expect at Djakarta Warehouse Project next weekend. 

Hey elrow! Thank you for taking the time to do this with us. How’s the team doing?

Thanks for having us! The team is busy preparing for 2020 (laughs). After the summer season ended, we began working hard and confirming all of the 2020 shows as logistics for us are probably the most difficult part of the job, so it's good to work in advance! 

How does it feel to be back in Jakarta this December for the second time at Djakarta Warehouse Project 2019?

It’s always amazing to travel so far from home with our show and still be received the way we did in 2017, so coming back for a second year is just great! We are really looking forward to it. 

Can you explain the concept behind the el triangulo de las rowmudas stage? 

This show is based in the Kraken eating a pirate boat over the Bermuda Triangle and how all the friendly and crazy pirates create the best party ever under the sea and spend the rest of their lives dancing underwater with all the sea creatures around them! 

In your opinion, what is it about elrow that sets itself apart from the rest of the party concepts and clicks with people?

I think it changed a little bit of how people see clubbing events. Elrow is something a little different; We create an immersive experience where there’s always something happening around you, we make fun of everything and I think that's a different experience than just being in a dark room with loud music. Not saying which is better or worse, it's just different and I believe it simply applies to a wider audience. 

elrow has so many different themes, how do you guys keep up? How do you decide which theme gets chosen for a particular event? 

We have a creative team that throw all kinds of crazy ideas around and some of them click and then comes together as a new theme. We always create two new themes every year that we normally premiere in Ibiza for opening and closing and then start touring them around. To decide what theme travels to each event is a combination of whether they have been to that city before, logistics of the tour and conversations with the local partner. 

The production involved in an elrow staging and event is off the charts. What does it take to put on such a massive themed party with all the toys and performers involved?

It’s hard work, there are a lot of different departments involved in every show and working worldwide makes it more complicated. We try to work 6 months in advance at least, so we have plenty of time to react if anything happens, because most of the time, something unexpected usually happens (laughs). 

What is the legacy that elrow hopes to leave behind? 

Fun! That’s the main thing we want to achieve, to look at the dance floor and see people having fun. It’s the most important thing for us, that people leave the party thinking they had the best time of their lives and cannot wait to come back again! 

elrow will take over Djakarta Warehouse Project 2019 from 13 to 15 December 2019 at JIEXPO, Kemayoran, Jakarta, Indonesia. Get your tickets here