Another heartland gig is coming your way for only $3

Another heartland gig is coming your way for only $3

Heartland gigs are definitely a unique experience — last year's 100+50 Festival could possibly have been the zenith of what it means to rock out in your neighbourhood.

And it seems another one is headed our way. Branded as Novena Music Under The Stars, it appears to be organized by the Novena Neighbourhood Committee and supported by Toa Payoh East-Novena GROs, so hopefully this will make the show somewhat immune from noise complaints (undoubtedly the biggest downside to neighbourhood gigs).

For this inaugural edition, they've roped in soul/funk outfit Tim De Cotta & The Warriors, along with singer-songwriters Joie Tan and Shak'thiya. Tickets will only run at $3 and the gig will take place at Novena Rise Park on June 26th.

The organizers describe it as "a yearly affair with performances from the kids in the neighbourhood, wine tasting, and live music." At $3? Hard to say no to that.

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