ASEAN Music Festival 2017, cancelled over safety concerns

ASEAN Music Festival 2017, cancelled over safety concerns

The ASEAN Music Festival, a free concert supposedly happening at the Ayala Triangle Gardens, was cancelled two hours into the show.


Music fans flocked as early as 5 PM to watch musical talents from Southeast Asian countries perform. The number of attendees, however, exceeded the full capacity of the venue. From the expected number of 10,000 attendees, an estimate of 15,000 people showed up for the concert.


The concert was also said to be cancelled due to the crowd's behavior which led to minor mishaps, such as individuals having difficulty breathing and being crushed by the crowd.

After Parokya ni Edgar, the first act of the night performed, the concert was put on hold as authorities asked those in attendance to settle down. A little after 9 PM, the concert was officially cancelled.

It was fun before it got disappointing," said Danielle Dawn Villapando-Reyes, one of the attendees. "Chito [Miranda] stopped singing halfway through the [Parokya ni Edgar] set because the people in the middle and in front were going wild. They continued playing, but didn't even finish singing 'Harana' anymore.

Venus Raj (who was hosting the event) appeared onstage and asked the crowd to behave, to no avail," she added. "A few minutes later, she went down from the stage. They turned off the LED screen, and we knew it was time to go home."


Artists expected to play at the event expressed their disppointment on Twitter, and wished for the safety of everyone who came out tonight.

This is a developing story. Stay tuned for updates.