Bandwagon Guest List: Tenderfist

The first time I watched Tenderfist, they started one of their songs with, "Does anyone have a shit job? This song is about shit jobs." They went on to start another song with "Has anyone had their heart broken before? This song is about being heartbroken." Amused, definitely sold and the first time I've heard melancholic electronica (I coin it 'melantronica'), I have been a fan since. Now, having played in Paris, they are set to return again to Europe for the Reeperbahn Festival in Germany. They take some time off to chat with us about the perks of touring, the importance of learning the word 'pork' in different languages and inspiration in the form of great albums.

How did it feel to get selected to play for Reeperbahn?

It feels awesome. Getting on a plane to somewhere far just to share your music is pretty awesome, don't you think?

It’s not the first time you guys are playing abroad, but this time you’ll be touring Europe as well! What will you be looking forward to the most? 

Meeting new interesting people, making new friends and the music of course.

Top Three Tour Tips: 

1. It's okay to be hungry sometimes.

2. Learn how to pronounce basic words like: flu medicine, pork, and 'Nice to meet you' in the local language.

3. Never be the last guy to shower if you are touring during winter.

Top 5 Influential Albums

Pinkerton | Weezer

I've bought this on tape for a few times and i've listened to it for hundreds of hours all through my high school and college years.

Night Falls Over Kortedala | Jens Lekman

Jens Lekman is our Morrissey, One of the reason we got together and form Tenderfist is after seeing Jens perform here in KL. 

Power, Corruption and Lies | New Order

Sometimes during the recording I would only listen to one record and this is the record that I listened to during our last recording. I would play it over and over. They don't write the best lyrics but that's what I love about them. You don't need to write smart thoughtful lyrics to be good. You just do what you do.

No Way Down | Air France 

Everyday is Sunday if you're unemployed and this is the perfect soundtrack for unemployment. You just pretend you're on holiday and put this on and everything is OK. A pretty big influence to us because they just do what they like.

Scott 2 | Scott Walker

Songs about authentic queers and phony virgins and sex + superb strings arrangement = Win. If only we have the money to record with a full orchestra we'd do it with Scott Walker in the back of our heads.