Bandwagon Mix #22: sofklo

Bandwagon Mix #22: sofklo

Every couple of weeks, Bandwagon invites a guest to do a mix for us. Rather than a standard interview where the artist explains their influences, we figured it’d be more potent if you simply listened to the music.

We provide the context, they provide the sounds.

When we last profiled sofklo (real name Soffi Peters) in September of 2015, we described her sound as a marriage of "longing, hypnotic, bass-heavy, LuckyMe-influenced beats with an on-point PC Music aesthetic". And as impressed as we were back then, the prolific 20-year-old producer has only improved by leaps and bounds in the ensuing months. Her more recent SoundCloud releases such as 'smudge' and 'BELT' appear to be eschewing the airy cuteness of her earlier work in favour of a darker, weightier and far eerier path. We're admiring the sense of atmospheric adventure in her artistic choices, and its that kind of freshness that's keeping us coming back for more. We've invited sofklo onto this week's Bandwagon Mix, and she's chosen to showcase some gorgeous, multi-coloured, multi-genre cuts from online kindred spirits. We were thrilled by the trippy sonic odyssey she's put together for us, and you'll be too!

DANI - One summer's day 

HEAVY HEARTS - Peel the skin from my lips 

Cavalier - Flirt (feat. DrewsThatDude) 

yosugi - love/like 

SAFAKASH - Improbable 

single_dad - unexpected rain 

Dirty Chocolate - Crystal Cavern 

Tennyson - With You 

catsoup, curtisheron, drip-133 and misogi - isomaze 

pools - windows 

Crush On U - Rilla Force 

bad bitch [x shamana] - bsd.u 

Monomyth - Tokyo Horizons 

DANI - Stan 

Lindsay Lowend - trapped inside an earthbound cartridge 

fvcking digital - No One Will Ever Care 

Flamingosis - Football Head 

REAL SLOW - i love you 

+2db - Comet (Shelhiel Remix) 

Alexander Lewis - In The Mornin' -

Y//2//K - there are things you can't forget