Bandwagon Mix #28: kidkanevil

Bandwagon Mix #28: kidkanevil

Every week, Bandwagon invites a guest to do a mix for us. Rather than a standard interview where the artist explains their influences, we figured it’d be more potent if you simply listened to the music.

We provide the context, they provide the sounds.

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The last time we caught up with kidkanevil (real name Gerard Roberts), the affable Project Mooncircle and Ninja Tune producer gave us an illuminating rundown of his favourite hip-hop records of all-time. This time though, we got kidk to do a full mix for us, and we couldn't be more pleased with the laid back, hour-long effort he's sent in. The Red Bull Music Academy alumni deftly runs through chilly, downtempo numbers, beautifully showcasing piano-driven compositions and cool, off-kilter beats in equal measure. From the Vince Guaraldi Trio and Four Tet to local heroes Fzpz and sonicbrat, this lovely journey should be the perfect remedy for your work day.

Ikotu - IIII

Deft x Tehbis x Touchy Subject - Sesame Street

HLMNSRA - stay in those days

The Pharcyde - Splattitorium

Vince Guaraldi Trio - Fly Me To The Moon

Jay Dee - Trashy Tennyson - Like What?

D.N.Hürter - Soup Architect

Timbaland - What Cha Know About This ft Mocha & Babe Blue

Music Komite - Guetto Island

Port St. Willow - Ordinary Pleasure (Noah Remix)

Four Tet - Celeste Stretch 2

Beck - It's All In Your Mind

arca - love you in chains

Handbook - Ground-Elder

Yoshi - Air

montell2099 - Reach

Fzpz - lapse

Lockah - Lawrence's Weird Joint

sonicbrat - air