Bandwagon Mix #54: Jonathan Kusuma

Bandwagon Mix #54: Jonathan Kusuma

Every week, Bandwagon invites a guest to do a mix for us. Rather than a standard interview where the artist explains their influences, we figured it’d be more potent if you simply listened to the music.

We provide the context, they provide the sounds.

Indonesian producer, musician, DJ and music director Jonathan Kusuma isn't just a prolific figure in his hometown, he's since earned an enviable reputation within the house and techno scene in Singapore and Europe as well. Back in Jakarta, folks will probably know him as the co-founder of seminal underground record labels Space.rec and Akamady Records, alongside his work with his internationally-recognized band Space System (they've been signed to imprints everywhere from Malaysia and Bandung to Italy and Scotland). But truly, its his incredible cosmic meets tribal meets acid solo productions that have captured imaginations in recent years.

Name making releases such as Black Magic EP, alongside 'Gong 3000' and 'Underpass' (amongst many other stellar originals and remixes), have garnered adoration across critical columns and dance floors all over the world. Signed to labels such as France's I'm a Cliche, Germany's Love on the Rocks and Japan's Ene (just to mention a few), Kusuma's output has been nothing short of phenomenal. Most recently, the prolific producer just put out his brilliant Automatone EP via his aforementioned Parisian imprint, offering another metallic, late-night look into his mystic disco brain.

We finally got the Jakartan 4/4 giant to do a mix for us, and boy, he definitely didn't disappoint. 

You can catch him this Saturday, 15 October, at Headquarters by The Council, playing alongside Yadin.

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