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Bandwagon Mix #77: Internet Daughter b2b Eytan Tobin

Bandwagon Mix #77: Internet Daughter b2b Eytan Tobin

Hailing from famed arts and music collective Bedroomer, both Internet Daughter and Eytan Tobin represent two of the most forward-thinking and cutting-edge DJs and producers that the thriving Toronto music scene has to offer.

While Internet Daughter has been renowned for bridging left-field electronic music with underground rap, Eytan Tobin's experimental fusion of footwork, dubstep and hip-hop has similarly become celebrated in Canada and beyond.

Both artists will be heading to Montreux Jazz Cafe to play a special back-to-back set (alongside RAH and ATTAGIRL's own A/K/A and DuriO) this Saturday, 20th May.

But before then, we invited both boundary-pushing DJs aboard the Bandwagon Mix to give you a little hour-long teaser into the kind of sonic shenanigans you can expect. Excitingly eclectic and unceasingly hype, this prime-time mix should be an irresistible primer into their selection predilections.

Every week, Bandwagon invites a guest to do a mix for us. Rather than a standard interview where the artist explains their influences, we figured it’d be more potent if you simply listened to the music.

We provide the context, they provide the sounds.


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