Bandwagon's 2012 in Photos

And now we have come to the end of the road with 2012. Through the chaos of screaming aunties on trains, mustachioed men making viral videos, people jumping from space and an uneventful apocalypse, we on the other hand had quite a blissful year on the gig-going end. Here we go, welcome to Bandwagon's Year In Photographs! 

Scissor Sisters 

Photo: Dawn Chua

The People's Party
Bombay Bicycle Club, The Naked And Famous, The Analog Girl

Photos: Alvin Ho

Timbre Rock & Roots 2012
Trombone Shorty & Orleans Avenue, The Specials, Buddy Guy, Earth, Wind And Fire

Photos: Kristina Cortez, Erwan Xiao

Sum 41

Photo: Hoong Wei Long

Star Slinger

Photo: Hoong Wei Long

Dream Theater

Photo: Rueven Tan

Bitch Magnet

Photo: Hoong Wei Long


Photo: Kristina Cortez 

Music Matters 2012
The Great Spy Experiment, Tara

Photos: Delfina Utomo, Kristina Cortez, Shaun Tan

Fred Perry Sub-Sonic Live @ The Court
Monster Cat, Astreal

Photos: Hoong Wei Long 

Baybeats 2012
Rachael Teo, Mocca, ANECHOIS, Cashew Chemists, The Fast Colors, Love Me Butch, Inch Chua, Cockpit, In Each Hand A Cutlass, Start Of The Day

Photos: Hoong Wei Long, Rueven Tan, Kristina Cortez, Elliot Lee

Snow Patrol

Photo: Dawn Chua


Photo: Ilyas Sholihyn


Photo: Rueven Tan

Fred Perry Sub-Sonic Live @ The Lawn

Photos: Ilyas Sholihyn 


Photo: Kristina Cortez

New Order

Photo: Hoong Wei Long

Night Festival 2012
The Observatory, Tiramisu

Photos: Delfina Utomo

Mystery Jets

Photo: Lionel Boon


Photo: Rueven Tan

Bandwagon Media Launch Party
Weish, Seyra, ANECHOIS

Photos: Erwan Xiao 

Jonas Brothers

Photo: Dawn Chua

The Sam Willows EP Launch Party

Photo: Hoong Wei Long

Identite 7.3 - Tessellate

Photo: Erwan Xiao 

A Town In Fear - "Traditions" album launch
The Caulfield Cult, Embrace Them Ghosts, A Town In Fear, A Vacant Affair

Photos: Ilyas Sholihyn

Open Mic @ The Pigeonhole
Jowell Tan/Supersixteen

Photo: Delfina Utomo

The Stoned Revivals, Yuna

Photos: Rueven Tan

Mike Portnoy

Photo: Kristina Cortez

Beach Fossils

Photo: Ahmad Dinie

The Pisang Bomb Fundraiser
Jonathan Meur

Photo: Ilyas Sholihyn

Sigur Ros

Photo: Shaun Tan

Urbanscapes 2012
The Trees and The Wild, Tenderfist, The Impatient Sisters, Love/Comes, Enterprise, White Shoes And The Couples Company

Photos: Ilyas Sholihyn, Delfina Utomo

Fred Perry 60th Anniversary @ Tanjong Pagar Railway Station
CITIZENS!, The Great Spy Experiment, Obedient Wives Club, MUON

Photos: Ilyas Sholihyn

The Sound Sessions: Chris Conley & Anthony Raneri
These Brittle Bones, Anthony Raneri, Chris Conley

Photos: Shaun Tan


Photo: Elliot Lee

The Pigeonhole Benefit Gig
Pleasantry x Fauxe

Photo: Delfina Utomo