Bandwagon's Guide to Perspectives Film Festival 2015

Need some cinematic perspective in your life? Are you tired of brain numbing Hollywood blockbusters? Then take comfort that the Perspectives Film Festival is back to provide you with quality cinematic fare that will not only nourish your eyes, but your mind as well.

Focusing on the theme of “Transition” this year, the film festival — organised by the NTU’s School of Communication and Information — will take place at the National Museum of Singapore between the 15 to 18 October.Showcasing a variety of local and international selection, festival-goers will be able to spot the common underlying thread of characters undertaking a physical or metaphorical journey which changes the very fabric of their lives.

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November by Shane Lim 

Last Trip Home by Han Fengyu (10 Oct, 2pm)

These two award-winning Ngee Ann Polytechnic’s School of Film & Media shorts touch on issues that will strike a chord with local audiences. November touches on the story of a teenage girl who has to deal with her boyfriend’s infidelity when he contracts a STD. Last Trip Home, on the other hand, revolves round a father and son road trip that takes them to their hometown in China. There will also be post-screening dialogue with both directors and veteran producer, Juan Foo. 

Mommy by Xavier Dolan (15 Oct, 8pm) 

After being expelled from a home, hot tempered rebellious youth Steve returns home to the custody of his single mum Diane. In her attempts to home school Steve, Diane finds an unexpected friend in her reclusive new neighbour, Kyla. This fifth feature by director Xavier Dolan took home the Jury Prize in the 2014 Cannes Film Festival.

The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert by Stephan Elliott (17 Oct, 8pm)

Before donning the Agent Smith’s suit in The Matrix, Australian actor Hugo Weaving made his acting bones starring in this hilarious 1994 heart-warming road trip movie as a group of drag queens alongside co-stars Guy Pearce and Terence Stamp. This Oscar winning comedy-drama sees the trio travel across the country in “Priscilla”, their trusty tour bus, for a performance out in the Australian Outback.

Burden of Dreams by Les Blank (18 Oct, 1.30pm)

Offering an insider perspective of the 1982 film Fitzcarraldo, documentarian Les Blanks trails renowned German director Werner Herzog during the making of his epic adventure drama about a rubber baron trying to transport his steamship over an Amazonia hill. Burden of Dreams captured Herzog’s descent into madness as he tried to complete his film amidst a torrent of casting and logistical challenges.  

Landscape in the Mist by Theodoros Angelopoulos (17 Oct, 1.30pm)

Despite winning the Silver Lion at the 1988 Venice Film Festival, this heart breaking tale of two Greek children in search of their long lost father was ultimately rejected as Greece’s entry for the Oscars that year. However, that’s no reason to skip this well paced drama in which Voula and Alexander journey to Germany and meet some very interesting characters along the way.

Ballad of Narayama by Keisuke Kinoshita (18 Oct, 4.30pm)

Told in the traditional Japanese kabuki style, Ballad of Narayama tells the tale of 70-year old Granny Orin’s death seeking pilgrimage up the holy Narayama mountain. Although still in the pink of health, Orin is bound by tradition and customs to make this hallowed journey. Director Keisuke Kinoshita adds in the social aspect as he focuses on the family’s reaction to Granny Orin’s ‘sacrifice’.

Turtles Can Fly by Bahman Ghobadi (17 Oct, 4.30pm)

Shot in Iraq right after the fall of dictator Saddam Hussein, this Iraqi-Turkish drama follows a band of refugee orphans who survive by scavenging mines for a living. This Peace Film Award winning film blurs the line between fiction and reality by using actual child refugees and scenes of destruction in the film. Prepare those tissues, this will be a tear jerker!

Watership Down by Martin Rosen (16 Oct, 8pm) 

Based on the novel by Richard Adams, Watership Down is an animated feature in which a rabbit seer, Fiver experiences an apocalyptic vision of the future. This prompts him to set out with his friends to build a new home. It is considered to be the 47th greatest British film of all time by Total Film magazine and director Martin Rosen would only go on to make only one more animated film. 

In addition, there will be also a post-screening dialogue with Rosen who will also be in town to conduct an animation masterclass (Bringing Your Characters To Life: An Animation Masterclass with Martin Rosen) which is part of this year’s Perspective Film Festival.

Here is the full list of Perspectives Film Festival workshops for your reference:

Sat, 3 Oct: Transitions as a Filmmaker: A Talk by Wee Li Lin

Sat, 10 Oct: Film Education in Transition: A Conversation with Han Fengyu, Shane Lim & Juan Foo

Sat, 17 Oct: Bringing Your Characters To Life: An Animation Masterclass with Martin Rosen

Sun, 18 Oct: Student Programs at the Cannes Festival International du Film: A Talk by Michael Bremer

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Perspectives Film Festival 2015 

Date: Thu to Sun, 15 to 18 Oct 

Venue: National Museum of Singapore 

             93 Stamford Road, S178897

Prices: $12 (Single Pass)

             $48 (Festival Pass [7 films])

For more info, swerve on through here.