Bandwagon's Valentine's Day Gift Guide

Bandwagon's Valentine's Day Gift Guide

It's a day before that special holiday for two: Valentine's Day. On this day, couples are given a one-day pass to declare to the world how much they mean to each other through romantic dinners, cute love notes, public displays of affection (minimal), and, of course, thoughtful tokens and trinkets of love.

The whole idea of a Valentine celebration may be consumer-driven, but this has never stopped the smitten from scouring for "the one" — that is, that one gift that would make their significant other (or, for some, their single selves) swoon. But the chocolates x flowers combo can create quite the blasé reaction these days, and the need to wrestle with a hundred others for that last okay-looking rose is long gone; instead, we now find inspiration in knowing exactly what our relationship is with our sweethearts or with ourselves and celebrate that through a beautifully wrapped present.

If you share your lover with music (or if you have a love affair with music yourself), take a peek at our guide on getting and giving the perfect gift below:


Darling, I have it on vinyl.

Motorino MK III ( 8,499 PHP)

Fill your days and nights with lovely memories of melodies from both the past and present. The Motorino MK III vinyl player boasts not only its beautifully black and sleek look, but also the rest of its hand-crafted parts, great speakers, light weight design and portability, among other things.

Motorino Match. Head over to Satchmi's Megamall branch today until February 21st and get a free record from their Motorino Match crate when you purchase the Motorino MK III!

Power Couple. Buy the new Motorino Mk. III and get the Focal Sphear at P4,360.50 (from P4,590) or Focal Spirit One at P4,750 (from P9,500)! You have until February 28 (and another reason) to drop by Satchmi SM Megamall to avail this limited offer.

Satchmi Records (from 1,799 PHP to 2,099 PHP)

Start curating, crating and creating a record library for both the wonderful and dreadful moments in your life, whether you're single, in a relationship or in some complicated stage in between.

For your 'I am happy/am optimistic/feel great/can do this' records, listen to Sing Street OST (well, it's mostly happy), Carly Rae Jepsen's Emotion (this still feels good even if some lyrics hurt), Norah Jones' Day Breaks (especially when pushing through to better days), Empire of the Sun's Two Vines, and Kimbra 's Vows. 

Get a good number of heartbreak records as well (just in case you need to tap into those sad and lonely feelings for some creative purpose) by including these on your list: Adele's 25 (whose overall mood is just sad), Into It. Over It.'s Standards, Shura's Nothing's Real (Don't let the pop beats fool you!), The Cure - Disintegration (depressingly comforting), Broken Social Scene's Forgiveness Rock Record (heartbreaking but also hopeful, depending on your perspective).


Darling doesn't dig discs? Treat them to Spotify Premium (129 PHP to 1,548 PHP)!

Gift certificates are no longer limited to shopping malls and cafes, as everyone's favorite music listening service now offers digital Premium subscription gift cards. Customize the look of your Spotify gift card and let that special someone enjoy being on Premium for 1 month for 129 PHP, 3 months for 387 PHP, 6 months for 774 PHP, or 12 months for 1,548 PHP. Follow our official Spotify account here.


Baby, I come with my own background music.

Ekotek Ekobuds GO (1,470 PHP)

Love is an adventure, and for those of you who enjoy being active and going on exciting trips together, the new Ekotek Ekobuds GO would make a lovely travel companion. Lightweight, wireless, and easy to handle, these bluetooth-powered earbuds can be considered metaphorical of an ideal relationship — a comfortable and stable fit, no annoying entanglements, and a great listening experience — all without bleeding your pockets dry.   

​Watch out for our full feature on these sweet babies coming soon!


Ekotek Ekobuds Lifetones (299 PHP)

The successful predecessor of Ekobuds GO, Ekotek's Ekobuds Lifetones is an affordable set of wired earphones which exceeds expectations. It comes in cute colors, and boasts an impressive build which balances comfort and more-than-decent sound quality with a trendy design. 

Ekowave Headphones (1155 PHP now only 499 PHP)

More of a headphone type of person? These affordable headphones offer quality comfort and sound for longer hours of use. Originally priced at 1155 PHP, you can get the Ekowave Headphones for only 499 PHP the entire month of February 2017 — check out the other items on sale at Ekotek's store, too!


Player 1 + Player 2

Ekonic Justice League Powerbank (1,990 PHP)

Did you meet your chosen one at a comic book store? Or perhaps a toy convention, or maybe on a fandom forum online? Keeping in touch is one of the very essential things to keep relationships afloat, may they be romantic or otherwise. A powerbank supercharged with more personality, the Ekonic Justice League Powerbank has an 8,000 mAh battery capacity, giving you around 6 or 7 more power hours to be in the loop via mobile phone. This pack's design just screams 'super,' and no DC geek would forget to take it along to save the day during the most unexpected moments.


Flawless Victory Combo (1,000 PHP)

In need of the perfect wingmen? The boys of Shadow Moses have got you covered. Local nerdcore hip-hop at its finest, the trio will be releasing their first full-length album, Super Shadow Moses Turbo, at Mow's Bar in Quezon City. Pre-order their own brand of trifecta, the FLAWLESS VICTORY COMBO, which includes a Super Shadow Moses Turbo CD, a Shadow Moses shirt (a choice between the CODEC tee or SSMT Launch tee), and entrance to the album launch event on March 4. Purchase this pack asap and you even get a free limited edition ShaMo sticker!    


For the gearhead in your life

Keeley Electronics Monterey Fuzz + Mod (14,700 PHP) 

"Happiness is within you, so unlock the chains from your heart and let yourself grow like the sweet flower you are. I know the answer, just spread your wings and set yourself free," said Jimi Hendrix once to an unknown girlfriend, in what would later be listed as one of the most romantic love letters of all time. What's a more elaborate way to say "I love you" to a Hendrix fan, then, than with an effects pedal inspired by Jimi's Signature Monterey Stratocaster itself.

The Keeley Electronics Monterey pedal takes you one step back in time and two steps forward with two channels — one for fuzz and another for modulation. This pedal has vintage fuzz, a rotary speaker, vibe, harmonic and auto wah, an octave up or octave down, as well as expression control, all of which can help you create a surrealistic envelope of neo-vintage effects combining classic sounds with new interpretations to create a modern timbre and audio spectrum.

Get it from Rockstore Manila.

When words are more than enough

Poetry Magnets PH Kits (300 PHP to 550 PHP)

Get the wordsmith and/or makata out of the deep, shy recesses of yourself, and get it on a board to express what you really feel, using one of Poetry Magnets PH Kits! With Valentine's Day just around the corner, Poetry Magnets recommends the Love Kit for those who are blushing in love, the Kundiman Kit for those who are basking in romance, and the Heartbreak Kit for those who are wallowing in self-love.

Kits are available at Common Room in Katipunan & Powerplant Mall, Entablado in Los Baños, Laguna, and Buku-Buku Cafe in Imus, Cavite. For inquiries, email For reservations, fill out this form.


Here's to the hearts that ache...

Charlie Lim's Time/Space EP on Limited Edition Vinyl (48SGD = 1,690 PHP)

We've already mentioned why it's the one piece of music you'd like to gift someone in 2016, so there is no reason that this shouldn't be something you'd want to gift to yourself - especially when your heart's going through a tough time. Play the record, listen and let Charlie Lim be your soundtrack, from your first devastated wail to your first optimistic laugh. 

Charlie Lim's Time/Space EP is also available online here


When your life together is a kaleidoscope 

Museo Orlina (80 PHP to 100 PHP)

When it is not busy being home to Tagaytay Art Beat, the Museo Orlina is the best place to enjoy the cool Tagaytay breeze, find some peace and quiet and appreciate beauty. Marvel at the works of renowned glass sculptor Ramon Orlina and the creations of the Tagaytay Art Beat 2 artists until March 26. Enjoy the great view of the Taal volcano. Reminisce about the two times the museum's ampitheater has seen absolutely great music.

Head over to the Museo Orlina anytime between Tuesdays to Sundays at 10 AM to 6 PM. General admission is at 100 PHP, while students/ senior citizens/PWD are admitted at 80 PHP.

Festival Essential: Sidlan Bags (999 PHP to 1,299 PHP)

Be practical and thoughtful at the same time by gifting the Sidlan bag for your music lover's festival needs! This multifunction lifestyle bag is sand-repellant and quick drying, but its most attractive feature? Transform it into a mat, lay it down on the ground, and sit and snuggle while listening to your favorite band.

For those married to both music and movies

iflix subscription (129 PHP/ month)

This is the perfect gift to someone who is stuck on The Temper Trap's 'Sweet Disposition' and would want to watch '500 Days of Summer' mainly because of that.

Many of us today discovered their musical identity through watching TV shows and movies, so an iflix subscription is the greatest excuse to watch films like 'Never Say Never' (for the Beliebers) and 'School of Rock,' relive musical moments from 'Roadies,' 'Empire,' 'Glee' and 'The OC' (featuring Death Cab for Cutie, Nada Surf, Rooney, The Killers, Rachael Yamagata, Imogen Heap, Phantom Planet).

Subscribe to iflix here.

And if you want to support a local film and local music at the same time...

Tickets to 'I'm Drunk, I Love You' (250 PHP to 370 PHP)

Graduation. Family. Mother. Father. La Union.  Best friends. History. Bagnet. Routine. You. Me. Us. Based on that information, you should pretty much know who to invite and not to invite to this movie.

Starring Paulo Avelino and Maja Salvador, I'm Drunk, I Love You features original music by 3D (Ebe Dancel, Johnoy Danao and Bullet Dumas), Shirebound and Busking, Ang Bandang Shirley, The Out of Body Special and Kai Honasan, so the film is bound to be a feast for both the eyes and the ears.

In cinemas now, follow their Facebook page for list of cinemas screening the film.

Better dates ahead!

Tickets and merch from A Spur of the Moment Project

Make music your (conjugal) muse by planning and attending gigs around the city. A Spur of the Moment Project holds intimate events that usually highlights a particular artist, helping you get to know each other (or yourself) more while refining your musical palate. Know more by visiting their online store, not just for tickets to these events but also for merchandise from local music artists Tom's Story, Fools & Foes, tide/edit and Run Dorothy.

Happening on May 2, 8 PM at 19 East is Ttng + Mylets Live in Manila. Know more about the event here.

Tickets to Bazooka Rocks V featuring The Maine and State Champs (2,800 PHP to 6,500 PHP)

There's nothing quite like a good dose of pop punk to transport one back to the days where feelings of elation, confusion, and frustration were rife and overlapped at an alarming rate. Love and heartbreak have always been staple themes in the scene, after all, and with the return of Bazooka Rocks, you and maybe that one special girl or boy can both sing along to The Maine, State Champs, With Confidence, and Cambridge on this very special weekend in June at the SM North EDSA Skydome. 


'I Love You So Bad,' I Got You Wanderland Tickets

Tickets to Wanderland Music & Arts Festival 2017 (2 tickets for 9,000 PHP)

Any fan of Explosions in the SkyPurity Ring, YunaThe Ting Tings and The Temper Trap's would feel most loved if they get the chance to venture into the concrete jungle of Alabang during this year's Wanderland Music & Arts Festival! Let the Wanderlove Bundle say the words for you, and watch Lany sing it for you in March! 

Promo exclusive from February 10 to 17 to Globe/TM/Tattoo SIM holders only.