Banna Harbera announce hiatus

Banna Harbera announce hiatus

Banna Harbera are taking a break.

Following the fifth anniversary of Yellow Room Music Philippines, Banna Harbera took to social media to announce their hiatus to "focus on other personal commitments." In their announcement, they reveal that they will remain active online and will share something new in the next couple of months.

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Read their full statement below.

Happy 5th anniversary to our Yellow Room Music Philippines family! Thank you for having us! We appreciate those who braved the weather to see us and their favorite bands, we hope y'all are safe.
We also want to let everyone know that we're taking a short break to focus on other personal commitments. We would like to thank all the prods, orgs, and schools for keeping us in mind, but we won't be playing live shows for the rest of the year. 
Don't worry, we won't go completely offline - we have a few things coming your way in the next couple of months so please stay tuned for that. We'll definitely miss doing shows but we will be right back! Love from Banna Harbera! 

In 2017, Banna Harbera won as runner-ups at Wanderband alongside Mickey Sulit and winners Lola Amour. They shared the stage with LANY and Honne at Wanderland Jungle.

Watch their video 'Sorrys and Goodbyes" below.