Baybeats 2015 Special: Introducing Maddthelin

A popular Malaysian band, Maddthelin plays their own take of post-hardcore and screamo, with their twist of melodic, catchy choruses belted by a female vocalist. Each track blends the two varying vocals in a smoothly dynamic meld, complementing their distorted heavy instrumentals, which they even teach their fans personally online! In addition to coming down to rock our Singapore stage, the sextet will be releasing their debut album in September this year.

So how does it feel to be playing Baybeats this year!

We're very excited and honoured to be part of the Baybeats line up this year. Performing at Baybeats is now something we can strike off our bucket list.

What are your influences as a band?

Each of us have totally different musical influences from one another but as a band we are collectively inclined towards One Ok Rock, Paramore and While She Sleeps. 

How would you describe your Malaysian audiences? Do you think our Singaporean stage will be any different?

Malaysian audiences are always very energetic and supportive and we hope to experience the same vibe in Singapore.

Tell us more about your upcoming debut album! How is the recording process going for you?

Our debut album will consist of 10 songs and is set to be released in September. Currently we're finalising the tracks and album layout in order to begin CD pressing. 

So Kareema only joined you guys last year as keyboardist and vocalist. How did that change your direction as a band, and were you already planning to change up your sound?

Before we started writing for the album, we already knew that we wanted to include piano and strings in our composition. All the songs in the album were composed even before Kareema joined the band and later on she added her own style with the melodies and keyboard arrangements in a way that elevated and together developed a new sound for the band. 

Catch Maddthelin on Sunday 28th June 2015, 8.15pm at the Powerhouse stage.