Behold, it's the return of Allura!

In Singapore's continuously developing music scene since the turn of the century, there have been instances of bands making waves across the island, proving their salt to the masses back when rock had a major grasp of the mainstream consciousness. You had Electrico breaking into radio charts while as The Fire Fight, West Grand Boulevard and Caracal among others enjoyed pre-social media savvy exposure through open-air festivals and school assembly shows.

With these specific showcases in school halls, they were organized by band members themselves — with the drummer of West Grand Boulevard at the helm, the vocalist of a certain band was also heavily involved from the start. 

Her name's Inch Chua and the band's Allura.

While music fans are more familiar with Inch and her peculiar body of solo work, she started out as the energetic vocalist of the alternative rock band. Notably consisting of guitarist Mark John Hariman as well, who's been busy manning his post in Charlie Lim's band The Mothership, Allura certainly made an impact on their own, from the time they formed late-2007 until their hiatus in 2010. As you'd already know by now, Allura is coming back from the dead for a reunion at 100+50

At the heart of Allura's music is a deep understanding of pop and they still clearly speak its language fluently with their brand new EP titled 1832, their first release since the 2008 album Wake Up & Smell the Seaweed. With just three tracks, Allura flaunts a grizzled sense of versatility, whether if it's the crunchy hard rock guitars in 'Loose Change' or the effortlessly breezy harmonies in 'Cold*Player'. 

Check out the EP in full and watch Allura make their grand return at 8.00pm on Aug 8 at 100+50, along with The Psalms, Caracal, Bear Culture, Iman's League and more Singaporean acts.

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