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Best of Coachella 2013

Look at these happy people. Running to stages to catch their acts in time. So fun, so carefree, probably slightly sunburnt, "We're at Coachella yey."

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LOL. I was also having fun at Coachella, only sans the running and faux-hippie crochet clothing. When it was 85 degrees Farenheit ('MURICANS), I was at home clicking 'Channel 1' and 'Channel 2' in the comfort of my PJs, hey thanks Internet. 

And because we spent most of our weekend at home, never missing a set (we could rewind things), we gathered what we thought were the highlights of this 3-day annual festival at Indio Valley. Here we go! 

5. Postal Service x 2 Zooey Deschanels 

One of them being Jenny Lewis looking very New Girl-esque. Oh Ben Gibbard here's a hug. (Great set by the way - almost nostalgic for good ol' Postal Service)

4. The xx x The Cooler Knowles Sister, Solange

We've endorsed her before in our Record Reviews and we'll say it again: You're our favourite Knowles sister, Solange! Teaming up with The xx to cover an Aaliyah track ('Hot Like Fire'), we hope you keep hyping and vibing cos ur cool Solange~

3. Major Lazer x Shiok Sendiri (in a good way)

Party hard Major Lazer, party hard. 

2. Standout sets: New Order, Grizzly Bear, Foals

Strong sets from all of them - New Order sounding super great and we appreciate that lovely tribute to Ian Curtis and Joy Division at the encore, Grizzly Bear always killing it on harmonies and such a pretty stage set-up too, Foals showing a more grown up and grittier side to them but still keeping the funk intact

1. Phoenix x R. Kelly


What were your favourite moments? Tell us!