Blood Pact releases self-titled six-track EP

Blood Pact releases self-titled six-track EP

Blood Pact has a new self-titled EP out in the ether.

The six-tracker is the first long-form release from the Singaporean trio of frontman-guitarist Nicholas Wong (The Caulfield Cult, Marijannah), bassist-vocalist Keith Chua and drummer Farhan Muhd (Doldrey), all of whom composed the beloved now-defunct emo and punk institution the Bruised Willies.

Including the lead herald 'Spiralling', the project is doused in the reverbed, groove-forward pall of post-punk and is undergirded by a sophisticated understanding of the darker extremes of the human condition. Throughout its 22-minute runtime, alternately shimmering and serrated guitars, voluptuous swells of bass and tight, propulsive drums soundtrack the nocturnal reckoning with angels and demons that occurs throughout our lives.

In a July interview with us, Wong revealed that Blood Pact is a musical progression from its predecessor and a striking into hitherto uncharted terrain.

Listen to Blood Pact below.