Cadence break out of their shell with 'Rumination' – listen

Cadence break out of their shell with 'Rumination' – listen

Local alt-rock outfit, Cadence, have released a brand new single.

The track, titled 'Rumination', is the band's darkest and longest track to date. 'Rumination' deals with the problems that fester with inward reflection, and vocalist Seth Chiam explains it succinctly. "Life can hit you hard, and sometimes you stay there and wallow in the circumstance till you realise it's unhealthy," he says. "Breaking out of it can be hard. This song's about that process."

Just like the enlightened nature of the song's lyrics, 'Rumination' is a delightful step forward for the nascent band — from the introductory chord progression, which evokes the grandeur of classic rock, to lead singer Seth Chiam's emotionally charged vocal performance and the all-around ability and musicianship of the band.

It's clear the quintet has grown leaps and bounds since releasing their debut EP, Heights in 2015, and even from 2017's single, 'Fugitives', which was a fun and energetic track in the vein of modern alternative rock. 'Rumination' is a clearer example of Cadence's prowess. 

With the band gearing up to release their second EP sometime this year, we're pretty sure 'Rumination' and 'Fugitives' should do a fine job of tiding you over during the wait. Stream 'Rumination' below.