Cadence tackle mixed emotions in music video for 'Pendulum' – watch

Cadence tackle mixed emotions in music video for 'Pendulum' – watch

Cadence have released a new song, the first since January's single 'Rumination'. 

The band's latest track, 'Pendulum', is the third and last single from the band's upcoming EP of the same name, after 'Rumination' and 'Fugitives'. The Pendulum EP is set to be released on 10 August.

Directed by Basil Tan of Grand Motion Media, the accompanying music video, much like the song itself, tells the story of repeatedly failing at something just at the time you feel you’re about to succeed. Joshua B Tan and Michelle Chan play a couple whose relationship is fraying. They get into an argument while driving, resulting in Michelle kicking Joshua out of the car in the middle of nowhere.

The track builds on what Cadence have done flawlessly on their last two songs, layering the song and arrangement bit by bit with various instruments to great emotional payoff. The song also highlights guitarist Nathan Huang's creative licks and drummer Dominic Goh's intricate cymbal work. 

The video for Cadence's 'Pendulum' can be found below.