Christmas guide: here are music-themed gifts worth giving

Christmas guide: here are music-themed gifts worth giving

Tis’ the season to be jolly and burn your money! Christmas shopping can be fun, only if you know exactly what you’re buying. But let’s be real, we all have that one friend that we always struggle to buy a present for – especially if they’re a a huge music fan.

If instruments, vinyl or music equipment just doesn’t cut it for them, maybe it’s time to think out of the box – I mean really out of the box. Here are some music-themed gifts that would be worth looking out for.

Marshall Compact Fridge (SG$5,137)

Fender Stratocaster Bottle Opener (SG$16)

Just like actual rest, you'll find the Musical Rest Pillow to be an essential part of your life. (SG$50++) 

Or, you could consider an Amplifier Pillow, for some ample rest (SG$33.95).

A Blue French Horn pendant will spruce up any Christmas tree. Bonus if you're a fan of How I Met Your Mother. (SG$28++). You could also get it as a magnet or a decorative piece

Soundwave Prints (SG$35++)

Soundwave prints have been the rage with consumer decor for years now. But this print of Toto's Africa is truly an essential buy.

Of course if all else fails with the other gifts, you could always resort to the Karaoke Microphone ($33.40). Just make sure the person you’re buying this for doesn’t live anywhere near you.