Christmas guide: audio gear for ideal listening (and gift-giving)

Christmas guide: audio gear for ideal listening (and gift-giving)

At its essence, a music experience relies a lot on the gear you're using — great music will still sound like great music through tinny Macbook speakers, but for any aural or visual journey, everything can be elevated to a level thought impossible.

The game of audio equipment can be a black hole: there's never a final destination, and no serious audiophile is ever satisfied. But the good news is that with a bounty of equipment available — at almost any price point — it allows anyone to get into decent audio tech.

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Here's a range of earphones, headphones and speakers you can get for loved ones (and yourselves, really) that suit most budgets.

Alpha & Delta D2 (S$22.40)


Fischer Audio Eterna Pro w/ Mic (S$70.00)

Samsung Level Box Mini Speaker (S$99.00)

Focal Sphear Headphones (S$129.00)

Creative Sound Blaster Roar 2 Portable Bluetooth Speaker (S$155.00)

Klipsch R6 On-Ear (S$169.00)

Fender DXA1 IEM (S$189.00)

BeatsX Earphones (S$198.00)

Logitech Ultimate Ears Boom 2 Phantom Black Bluetooth Speaker (S$198.00)

Vsonic GR07 37th Anniversary Edition (S$235.00)

Sennheiser HD 599 (S$379.00)