Close out 2018 with DBS Busking by the Bay 2.0

Close out 2018 with DBS Busking by the Bay 2.0

DBS Busking by the Bay is back to wrap up the year. 

After a highly successful first run with DBS Marina Regatta, the DBS Busking by the Bay series is set to return for two days at the Breeze Shelters and Mist Walk along The Promontory@Marina Bay. In the spirit of living life to the fullest, six incredibly talented buskers return for this edition and get their chance to shine, as part of DBS Busking by the Bay, which aims to celebrate Singapore’s street artists.

Check out the six returning buskers below. 

Andrew Paul Chen 

Andrew Paul Chen started busking to bring his stories and music to his fellow Singaporeans.

Check Andrew Paul Chen out on Instagram (@andrewpaulchen).

Drew Lexmond 

When he's not busy at his day job, Drew Lexmond is a magician who's performed at the likes of the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

Check Drew Lexmond out on Youtube.

Kai Chek Ng 

While waiting for school to start, Kai Chek Ng fills the days by singing and playing guitar.

Check Kai Chek Ng out on Instagram (@kaichekk)

Muhammad Firdaus 

Muhammad Firdaus aims to spread a message of positivity via busking. You might remember him from recent appearances on Ria 89.7FM.

Check Muhammad Firdaus out on Instagram (@fyrdauzmacbeth) and Youtube​​​​​.

Wee Toon Hee 

The affable multi-tasker Wee Toon Hee might be a familiar face: the juggler magician often entertains pedestrians on Orchard Road.

Check out Wee Toon Hee on Instagram (@singaporejuggler) and Youtube.

Wong Ping Loong 

Wong Ping-Loong has six years of busking under his belt and plenty of experiences entertaining audiences around the world.

Check out Wong Ping-Loong on Instagram (@loongmusic) and Youtube.

To mark this special return, DBS and the buskers also hope to spread the message of sustainable living in Singapore with the #RecyclemoreWasteless movement.

If you’re ready to live life to the fullest and kickstart your sustainable living lifestyle, DBS is giving away 100 gifts to the first 100 people who pledge their support at DBS Busking by the Bay.

As part of the Marina Bay Countdown 2019 festivities, catch the talented buskers performing at the Breeze Shelters and Mist Walk (along The Promontory) at Marina Bay on 29 and 30 December 2018, from 6pm to 10pm. For more information, click here