Coldplay on Singapore shows: "We need to make sure the show is absolutely fantastic"

Coldplay on Singapore shows: "We need to make sure the show is absolutely fantastic"

It's been eight years since Coldplay has performed in Singapore, and this will be their biggest appearance yet.

Performing over two nights at the Singapore Sports Hub, Coldplay drummer Will Champion shared with TODAY that "we've been touring this show for more than a year now, so (by the time we get to) Singapore, we’ll be very well prepared."

Champion shares with writer Christopher Toh that despite the arena venue, they've learned how to engage everyone in the audience, no matter the size.

"We are also getting more comfortable knowing how to perform in big places," he says. "Sometimes it can be very difficult for people to feel intimate or connected with the band (in a large arena), so that’s really our aim: To make sure everyone feels a part of it, to feel engaged and connected.”

Not all songs will be grand spectacles, though — Coldplay's repertoire features plenty of piano ballads, and they will be performed in their original form, with some even more stripped down than before.

“There are certain songs that lend themselves more easily to performing in a stadium, like the more upbeat, high tempo, high energy songs; but other quieter songs like 'Everglow', you just have to find the right place for them,” Champion added. “I think it wouldn’t be the right thing to do to start the concert with Everglow. But you also can’t sustain that high energy all the time.

“(Everglow live) is even more stripped back and mellower than the album version, with Chris (Martin) just playing it on the piano. It’s a really great moment. It allows everyone to focus and get intimate, before we bring back the loud stuff.”

You can read the full interview here. Coldplay performs at the Singapore Sports Hub on March 31st and April 1st. Tickets are fully sold out, with an expected turnout of 50,000 fans per night.

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