Coming Soon: Sum 41 in Fort Canning Park!

Their return to our shores has made our contributor, Felina Tan reminisce about her teenage years (which wasn't so long ago). She explains a bit more...

I still remember those days where I’d dress up in my Chuck Taylors and band tees while plugged into my MP3 player, listening to songs like “In Too Deep”, “Fat Lip” and “The Hell Song” on full blast. I’d even dream of seeing the band live. I’m certain I wasn’t the only one.

Even though I’ve aged a few years, outgrown the band tees and tone down the volume on my iPod, I’m not missing the chance to finally see that dream come alive. 

This month, Sum 41 returns to our little red dot to play one hell of a show at Fort Canning Park, thanks to the people at LinVan Productions. With a new album titled Screaming Bloody Murder, these lads have matured in both age and sound from their All Killer No Filler days.

Differences aside, I’m assured we can all expect a rocking good time. After all, it is Sum 41 we’re talking about. When they put up a show, everyone’s in for a real treat.