Conquering the Kraken: In Each Hand a Cutlass Live Video Premiere


A progressive post-rock/metal quintet, In Each Hand A Cutlass (IEHAC) offers majestic, cinematic waves of innovative musical layers with lots of memorable groove. (And the band take ‘cinematic’ very literally, as you can read here). The supergroup’s emotive and dynamic sound seems to have matured with their new album, employing creative new textures and even incorporating some violin layers into the mix.

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Aside from just creative genius in the studio, the band take their technical prowess and impeccable musicianship to the stage as well, as these premiered performances display. Further buoyed by the powerful audio and visual editing of 65 Spectrums – plus Esplanade acoustics – these new tracks pack an amazing, exciting experience. Check them both out here:



The Deep

The Kraken is now out on their Bandcamp page on both CD and digital downloads. You can follow 65 Spectrums on Facebook.