Curtismith drops new compilation, The Motions – listen

Curtismith drops new compilation, The Motions – listen

Curtismith released a 6-track compilation earlier today (11/18). According to the rapper, he wasn't supposed to release any of the tracks since he "didn't want to release anything [he] wasn't certain about." 

In a lengthy statement via his Soundcloud page, Curtismith revealed that he was set on scrapping his next project since he has been feeling lost, fatigued and uninspired. 

Read his full statement here:

I haven't been feeling much like myself recently. Before today (Nov. 18, 2017) I was set on scrapping my next project entirely. I've been feeling lost, fatigued and uninspired. I didn't want to release anything that I wasn't extremely certain about; this collection of drafts is one of those things.

The fact that I had to start treating my music like a job, constantly getting professional input and being advised to re-record tracks to the point where it didn't sound genuine made me feel like discontinuing the whole thing. That along with the pressure of trying to stay 'relevant', expectations, criticism and making money made me feel like I wanted to run away. I still feel like I wanna run away.

Externally/superficially things have been going great for me, but inside I feel like I've regressed. I spoke to a friend and advisor of mine, and after opening up about my situation he told me that my life's being motivated by the wrong things. I've been putting too much value in the wrong things. And having the wrong things as my foundation, my root, means the branches and leaves that stem from these roots aren't the best they can be.

Maybe this is why I decided to release the project anyway. To have a clean slate. To let go of whatever it is I'm holding on to, plant new seeds and keep moving forward.

To those who are behind me: thanks for the support, it means more to me than you'll probably ever know.

Listen to the compilation here: