DJ LeNERD talks returning to It's The Ship, #SGBassMusic and more

DJ LeNERD talks returning to It's The Ship, #SGBassMusic and more

One of Singapore's most prominent DJs, LeNERD has had quite a bit going on for himself in 2018. From starting the growing #SGBassMusic movement to conceiving a new night at Capital, Zouk titled Crowd Ctrl and heading the annual Phuture DJ Battle, LeNERD is set to accomplish yet another milestone this November when he returns to It's The Ship for the second time in three years. 

Bandwagon recently caught up with LeNERD to talk about his return to It's The Ship, the #SGBassMusic movement and more. Check out what he had to say below. 

You’ll be returning to It’s The Ship later this November. From your experience, what sets performing on ITS apart from a regular club or festival show?

We’re co-inhabitants of the same venue for four days and it makes it easier to connect with everyone. Once onboard, everyone also seems to be more carefree than on the mainland.

Do you have to plan your set differently for It’s The Ship?

A wider selection is required and I pay special attention to my hardstyle tracks and tropical house tracks.

With the constant stream of music being released every day, how do you decide what tracks you want to include in your sets?

I was glad that I prepared a wide variety of styles the last time I played in 2016. This year, I feel like I’m more ready to push out a more trance-ier and harder set rather than a more pop set like my previous set on It's The Ship.

What’re your hopes for the dance music scene in Singapore?

I hope that Singapore is able to be on par musically with the rest of the world.  

You’re a huge advocate of the SG Bass Music movement. Could you shed more on that?

I love bass music and have been a fan for over five years and it doesn't seem to catch on much in Singapore. Hence I created #SGBassMusic to gather like-minded individuals to share their events, music and giveaways and to utilize each other’s resources to grow the whole bass music scene collectively . Alone you go fast, but only together you go far!

LeNerd will be performing aboard It's The Ship, which will take place from 4 to 7 November this year. For cabins, full line-up and more information, click here