Editors Pick #2: What's New This Week




As if we need another reason to get on Iggy Azalea’s grill, here is a Vine video that has been circulating around of the lady rapping… gibberish. Girl’s not doing herself any favours ever since she kinda ‘excused’ herself from freestyle-rapping on a radio interview

Help us figure out what she is rapping! 



If you haven’t seen the proof-of-concept teaser for The Leviathan, you should. From the minds of Ruairi Robinson (The Last Days On Mars) and screenwriter Jim Uhis (Fight Club), the 3-minute teaser introduces The Leviathan as an epic sci-fi that you’ll definitely want to see. Think Moby Dick in space and things like that. Don’t you want to see it? The answer is yes, of course.  


COMEX and IT Show

Once a year, you’re allowed to spend a lot of money on gadgets and other tech stuff. It’s the time of the year now, with the IT Show happening at Suntec Singapore. Whether it’s a mini drone or camera you’re looking for or the DOTA2 Tournament you want to catch, there’s gotta be something here for you to see and/or part some cash money with. 


Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number

Hotline Miami is a popular 2D action video game that is brutal, fast-paced, a little dark, and a fantastic game - with a great soundtrack to accompany. So Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number has quite the shoes to fill - and they delivered. Bloodier than the first and more compelling, the soundtrack is longer than the first but includes a whole myriad of artists, including Modulogeek from the Philippines! Last time we spoke to him, he included Hotline Miami as one of his favourite video games so we must imagine it is an honour. Listen to the track here:




While trying my best to avoid any hyperbole, it’s a pretty sweet time to be a hip-hop fan now — as in, right now. Even though I’m still (patiently) waiting for the new Death Grips double album, this week has been quite a roller coaster ride in itself. 

Why? Well for starters, Kendrick Lamar’s new album To Pimp a Butterfly got released a week early…by accident. Turns out someone from his label Interscope Records messed up and gave the go-ahead to iTunes to release it early. While only the clean (censored) version was only available, the explicit one followed suit soon after and as expected, every fan went ballistic. But so did Kendrick’s management...at least until they realized everyone loves it.

With the next day’s spotlight focused directly on heaping praises at the album (a lot of it), another album slipped out of the label’s sight into the iTunes store — but only for pre-order. With no prior announcement, a new iTunes page appeared for Odd Future standout Earl Sweatshirt’s new album I Don't Like Shit, I Don't Go Outside: An Album By Earl Sweatshirt. As expected, Earl wasn’t happy too.

I just want to send my best wishes to the label interns that dun goofed. Meanwhile, get on and listen to To Pimp a Butterfly. It's good.



In a move to accommodate the market of smartphone users (which means you and your mom and everyone else in your life), Japanese gaming juggernaut Nintendo has announced their partnership with DeNA, a mobile app firm also based in Japan.

With the declining presence of the company in the world of console gaming — an area that it dominated for decades — it seems smart of them to venture out into this brand new territory, but is it a desperate move? The Wii U is by most accounts a failure although the Nintendo 3DS still stands fairly strong with exciting new titles being rolled in. 

It may seem that way since they followed up the DeNA announcement with a mysterious new "hardware console" called NX. Not a lot of into at the moment but one can wonder — are they still planning on sticking around to compete with Sony or Microsoft? Or are they going to call it quits and go mobile? We don’t know yet but we haven’t lost faith in you, Nintendo!

Not yet anyway.



Pixels presents probably the most startling dilemma I’ve had for a movie in a while. On one hand, it’s finally getting made — five years since the delightful independent short film. On the other hand, there’s Adam Sandler, who hasn’t been even remotely funny since You Don’t Mess with the Zohan

The golden days of Happy Madison films may be long gone but 80s arcade games are forever. We see Space Invaders, Pacman and Donkey Kong so far but I wonder if Mario will make an appearance. Or hell, even the commandos from Contra. The first trailer already looks promising (oh hey Tyrion Lannister!) so maybe this might not be the usual Adam Sandler disaster after all.

Oh wait, shit…there’s Kevin James too?

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