Embarking and Embracing Enemies in Manila

After a weekend in KL covering the events of the MTV World Stage and meeting the charmer Robin Thicke, we're roadtripping again for something a lot less teenybopper and something more complex. This time we are embarking to Manila to cover Irish math-rock band Enemies! We've been rooting for this band to make a trip to Singapore town when they announced that they were touring Asia but by some glitch in our fates, alas, our homeland was not a stopover. Still, being the music fanatics we are, we picked the closest town they were playing at - Manila - and we're all set. 

An Irish band that's big in Japan (~globalisation~, or not), label mates with Toe and even touring with them, it's hard to believe that the formation of Enemies snowballed out of a solo project. Throwing in elements of post-rock, math-rock and even indie-pop, Enemies is a complex yet accessible sound that will definitely grow on you. Take their latest release for example; Embark, Embrace. Sure fans of their debut, We've Been Talking were quick to comment on the incorporating of vocals for this new album, but upon listening to it, you cannot help but think that the vocals do nothing but add to the embracing sound of Enemies. And also, such a perfect summer record. 

Honestly, we can't wait to see them live. If hours of research on YouTube amount to anything, it is going to be a great show. Enemies have created enough variety, richness and intrigue in their music that their live shows are almost a spectacle to watch - meticulous and strident guitars, expressive drum rhythms, interspersed vocals and harmonies, songs that hook you within seconds (that Midwest Emo-esque intro of 'Indian Summer'). The special thing about their music is the emphasis on melodies regardless of the technical instrumental focus of their songs. While everyone will be rocking and rooting at F1 next weekend, we will be gigging in different lands, something we look forward to embracing.