Everyone has baggage in Theodora's elegant video for 'Fault Lines' – watch

Everyone has baggage in Theodora's elegant video for 'Fault Lines' – watch

Singaporean singer-songwriter Theodora has released the music video for her latest single, 'Fault Lines'.

'Fault Lines' is a smooth piece of R&B-inflected indie pop indicative of the more polished direction Theodora is aiming for; what makes it stand apart in this genre (which is rapidly growing) is how it still clings to its roots as a piano-driven composition – listen out for those keys in the bridge.

The concept of the song's video is simple but moving: everyone has their personal histories, their past mistakes and missteps – their baggage, if you will. In this video, directed by Avinash R and Marcus Liew Yuqiang, everyone lugs around a shiny suitcase, which either accompanies them smoothly throughout life, bursts open at inopportune times to reveal its contents, or – in the rarest of cases – is handed off to someone else.

Theodora herself served as creative director on this video, which so simply visualises an everyday metaphor that it makes you wonder why you hadn't seen it dramatised earlier.

Watch Theodora's video for 'Fault Lines' here: