Falcons lists his six Southern hip-hop essentials

Falcons lists his six Southern hip-hop essentials

He may be a bonafide West Coast producer, but Falcons has roots in the South, and his musical traditions blend the two hip-hop scenes in a singularly unique approach.

Falcons, real name Michael Graham, has great respect for the craft that he practices. And while he's been reputed for his remixes, he's charged into 2017 with original productions that feature guest appearances by GoldLinkKingJetTZAR and more.

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Blending R&B with enormous strains of West Coast and Southern hip-hop, Falcons has made his mark around the world outside of his comfortable LA scene and he's making it bigger with live visuals and an increasing amount of original music.

His newest release may offer a glimpse into the chaotic and freewheeling mind of Falcons, but it's clear that he's on to something bigger. And to truly understand an artist is to go back to their roots.

We spoke with Falcons for a bit before his set at the Sole Superior 2017 afterparty, and we got him to share some recommendations of essential Southern hip-hop music.

How is Asia treating you so far?

Awesome, I just went four-wheeling in Cambodia and then went on a boat to see a floating community who lives on a lake year round.

Can you tell us more about Athletixx?

Athletixx is a crew of my best buds in LA — we make music, throw parties and DJ together. We’re an LA-based collective.

What do you think is the most important thing about Athletixx to you? Why?

Honestly, it’s just #squad.

You’re a big name in your hometown, but now you’re travelling all over the world. What are some of your takeaway lessons from performing overseas?

I love experiencing more than just the nightlife scene. I am really into culture, food etc, I like to try to get as much of a grasp of that as possible so I can deliver something relevant and impactful to the scene I am visiting.

Tell us more about the visual elements of your shows, and how they are put together.

My homie Shinichiro Fujita, aka @shinosm on Instagram, is literally the 3D god. He gets my aesthetic so well. We sit down and talk about it once casually and I just let him do his thing. He’s the hardest working guy I know. 

You’re best known for your remixes, but you’ve been pushing out more originals, especially your latest singles with GoldLink, KingJet and TZAR. What’s your future trajectory? Can we expect a full-length album?

Full-length is definitely on the horizon. I got tons of originals dropping soon too, some of the biggest collabs and features I’ve ever done… Super excited. The remix era has kinda died down and now its time for us to fill the bigger role. I’ll still release a couple here and there for fun though. ;)

What’s one thing at shows that you’ve always wanted to do?

I recently brought out my dad in Costa Rica to hype the show and that was a huge bucket list thing. He was a radio hype man and he’s so good with crowd control so that was lit! Maybe I wanna have a dance battle live on stage lol.

What can Singaporeans expect from your debut here?


If you had to pick songs for a playlist of Southern hip-hop essentials, what would they be and why?

Mike Jones feat. Slim Thug & Paul Wall - 'Still Tippin’'

UGK - 'Int'l Player’s Anthem'

Anything by Outkast

Young Thug - 'Stoner'

Rae Sremmurd - 'By Chance'

Peewee Longway - 'Sneakin' and Geekin''

That's a tough one bro. The South is running the game right now!

Falcons will be performing at the Sole Superior 2017 afterparty with The Whooligan, Yeti Out and more at mao. More details here.