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From jiwang and world music to metal and ska, The Co-op's refreshingly diverse gig is a must-see

From jiwang and world music to metal and ska, The Co-op's refreshingly diverse gig is a must-see

Most gigs or festivals (especially locally) tend to have pretty linear programming - designed to attract the most they can from a particular demographic. But organizers The Co-op have something totally different in mind for their forthcoming Togethergathertogether Concert.

Taking place at the The Substation on Saturday, 18 February, this refreshingly diverse gig aims to showcase "the diversity of music practiced and played in Singapore today."

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As The Co-op explains, this is all done with the intention of unifying the various music scenes in Singapore, promising to "traverse the boundaries between the demographic and stylistic enclaves that separate the music community, with the hopes of uniting its diverse pool of musicians and their respective devotees under the roof of The Substation."

And if you take a look at their line-up, their programming is as heterogeneous as it gets. They've invited Myanmar rock band 777, jiwang pop outfit Baron Bros, experimental ethnic-fusion ensemble Flame of the Forest, dark-folk troubadours Hell Low Trio, all-girl hardcore band Radigals, Vedic metal pioneers Rudra and Japanese ska group Sawayaka Yonkumi.

How's that for uniting the genre divide.

Taking place from 3pm to 10pm, entry for the concert is $10 at the door.

This exiting gig is also a part of A Common Ground - "a series of programmes at The Substation that examines and interrogates the feasibility of establishing a commons in Singapore. Widely understood as a space in which all resources are shared with the means of developing social processes, A Common Ground is a month-long inquiry into this act of "commoning"."