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Gentle Bones and MYRNE release second collaborative single 'B4NGER' — listen

Gentle Bones and MYRNE release second collaborative single 'B4NGER' — listen

After unveiling their first collaborative track 'JU1Y', Gentle Bones and MYRNE have now revealed their next collaborative track 'B4NGER'. Similar to 'JU1Y', 'B4NGER' features Gentle Bones' soulful vocals merged effortlessly with MYRNE's future bass and house grooves.

“'B4NGER' with Joel started with just the piano line - I came up with something happy and syncopated, because we spent a day listening to old ragtime and nu-disco. He started humming these amazing, sad hooks and I knew we had it — a banger.", MYRNE says of the new single.

"We're both very introspective in our writing, but here we had something very personal placed on an open stage. This cemented my favourite song we've written yet — everything sounds extremely human, yet still retaining electronic formality.”

“We both spend a lot of time alone when we write and produce individually and coming together on this record, Manfred and I wanted to capture this solitude in song. I feel that creating this song allowed me to find comfort in self-doubt, a peculiar catharsis.”, Gentle Bones, real name Joel Tan, added.

Listen to 'B4NGER' below:

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