Get Lost with Gentle Bones: A Giveaway

Sold-out shows, screaming fan girls, hitting no. 1 on the local iTunes chart, crowd singalongs, and even a dance tribute video - Joel Tan aka Gentle Bones has seen it all. It's been quite a ride for soulful singer-songwriter and his brand of heartfelt music, but the lad is soldiering on. In this behind-the-scenes style MV, Gentle Bones takes us on an intimate insight to his journey in the song 'Lost'. And he's extending the love to all of you even further with this exclusive giveaway!

Gentle Bones will also be one of our performers onboard The Bandwagon Bus to Urbanscapes!

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Stand to win a merch pack of a Gentle Bones t-shirt, tote bag, and a couple of stickers if you fill in the form below! It only takes a couple of steps to own all of these, and it might require you to get a little creative as well. Contest closes next Wednesday so get cracking!