Get Your Sticky Fingers All Over These Rolling Stones Goodies



Music fans young and old can sit up now for a legendary throwback! 

The enduringly beloved Sticky Fingers, one of the most celebrated albums in The Rolling Stones' vast catalogue, has been reissued in a range of formats by Universal Music across the globe. The classic record of 1971 is now set to spread its timeless appeal to new generations of listeners, bringing the band back at its peak with beloved tracks like 'Brown Sugar', 'Bitch' and 'Dead Flowers'. Archiving technology has also unearthed this disarming acoustic version of 'Wild Horses', one of their tenderer tracks amidst the English rockers' versatile collection of swagger and bold attitude. You could stream and download the full album here too, and get yourself hyped for the reissue.




Fittingly partnered with sub-culture fashion icons Fred Perry in Singapore, the new Sticky Fingers formats are set for exclusive sale in Laurel Wreath Collection Store at Mandarin Gallery, along with some limited edition (and pretty dope) Sticky Fingers tote bags. With Fred Perry's majestically revamped storefront, it's not hard to miss that there's some Rolling Stones merch available inside. 

And they don't disappoint: the store will be holding Deluxe Double CD and Double Vinyl LP releases of the album, the original Sticky Fingers on vinyl, along with Sticky Fingers tote bags exclusively. Any purchase of The Rolling Stones products at their store will also get you 10% off Fred Perry's other stylish goods, and customers dropping by the store stand a chance to win one of those special tote bags!





That's not the only chance you have to win some Rolling Stones merch either. We have two copies of Sticky Fingers on vinyl worth $30 each to give away to a couple of lucky — and knowledgeable — Stones fans out there. 

Just submit your answer to this question: "How many copies did Sticky Fingers sell in its first week in 1971?". Of course, you could search up the answer, but where's the fun in that? 

So, quick! Before we get impatient and take them for ourselves. Email us at with the subject header "I got them sticky fingers" with your answer. Contest ends July 12, 11:59pm.

Head down to that special Fred Perry store too, before the cool totes run out. Or just to surround yourself with shelves of Stones goods. We know, it's very satisfying.


You can find the Fred Perry Laurel Wreath Store at Mandarin Gallery #03-08, 333A Orchard Road, Singapore 238867.