GIG REPORT: The Sam Willows celebrate euphoria with their sound in Manila

GIG REPORT: The Sam Willows celebrate euphoria with their sound in Manila

House parties should be mobile at this point where you can watch a movie from a mini screen in your pocket. It doesn’t take the most expensive beverages or hiring an overrated artist to paint the picture.

All that is necessary is good company and tunes that tie a bunch of convenient knots. The Sam Willows dipped into the tropical pool of the Philippines and threw an intimate party that’s one for the books. As they celebrate kicking off the debut of their album Take Heart, they take more than our hearts.

Local electronic pop favorite, BP Valenzuela (who, along with fellow Logiclub member, CRWN, is joining us at next month's FRANK PRESENTS: Bandwagon Riverboat)  began to warm up the crowd. If a galactic empire of kittens left a sign of life from their planet on ours, it would include Great Expectations being played by an orchestra of robots.

She charms the crowd with her bubbly attitude, as she throws her own frequency while playing tracks off The Neon Hour. It’s a calm sensation that rides up to a height you wouldn’t want to climb down from. Closing down with Even If You Asked Me set a mood for everyone to feel serene even if their hearts were racing.

It was a cross between a sunset and the calm before the storm as fans stood closer to the stage while anticipating the main act. The Sam Willows set their feet on the stage as if they were running to splash the first wave that crashes the shore.

This Singaporean indie folk pop outfit brought a stable euphoric ground that shook troubles away like dust off our shoulders. People bopped their heads and sang along. It was a chemical reaction between the soft and tranquil For Love and the emotional and uplifting All Time High. Cranking their set to a greater level, they share how they perform a song in every country in their local dialect. And as far as surprises go, they sang Bebot by

They gave away limited edition stickers, albums, and shirts to the crowd in the gesture of a friendly exchange. Fans were shy at first but ran close to the stage to reach out to Sandra holding out the prizes. A Bring Me type of contest also happened, and one of the fans even got up with a signage for the band.

Ending their show with Take Heart definitely stole everyone’s leftover feelings as they evaporated into an air of love, appreciation, and cheer. Don’t be fooled by the tranquil intro as the rhythm accelerates into a loop of delicately scored iconic moments from rom-com movies.

For their first time in Manila, they were overwhelmed with the lively crowd. They also shared that in their dream tour roster that they’d add Beyonce, Drake, Switchfoot, and the like of their favorite artists. Jon said that one of the challenges they surpassed while creating the album is defining satisfaction.

As they enjoyed their UP Town Center show, they were also excited to open for Little Mix at Kia Theatre and then again right back home in Singapore. If long weekday nights were the public enemy, The Sam Willows have made their music the essential armor to avoid any war.