Good Cover/Bad Cover: Punk Goes Pop Edition

In a generation brought up on a steady diet of technology, we've probably wasted years of our lives on the Great Internet. We've all discovered some pretty awesome music and some pretty horrible ones (Brokencyde?? WTF?), and with the advent of YouTube, a lot of cover songs too. In this edition of Good Cover/Bad Cover, we pay tribute to the Punk Goes Pop series. It's really a mixed bag for novelties you get in these albums, where else would you hear a metalcore  version of '…Baby One More Time'? We sort out the goodies from the baddies from the whole volume. Prepare your ears ladies and gents. 


Runaway - Silverstein (Kanye West)

A monster of a cover, this is probably one of the best things to come out from Punk Goes Pop. A version that rivals how good the original was, Silverstein has also done other pretty wicked covers on this series. 

Like A Prayer - Rufio (Madonna)

Already a well-liked song, Rufio did well to do a respectable cover. In fact, at first listen, you'd pass off this song as an original - which says quite a lot. 

Over My Head (The Fray) - A Day To Remember (The Fray)

A most well executed cover, A Day To Remember successfully translated this sappy song into an uplifting and fist-pumping cover. Secret fan of The Fray? Nothing to be ashamed about anymore.

My Love - We Came As Romans (Justin Timberlake)

A breakdown-heavy, rave-metal experience, this is one bone-crunching and satisfying cover that we all could appreciate. A- for both the original and cover. 

Toxic - A Static Lullaby (Britney Spears)

'Toxic' is probably one of the best songs Britney Spears has put out. Fortunately, giving it a metalcore twist to the song seemed to work well as we can safely say that there's two great versions of this track - the original and this cover. 


Disturbia - The Cab (Rihanna)

If you need a lesson as to how not to use Auto-tune, here it is. Lacklustre and dull, it doesn't bring anything substantial as a cover. 

Crush - Noise Rachet (Mandy Moore)

One thing they got right is that they picked the perfect pop song. Sweet, saccharine, and melancholic, Mandy Moore must be crushed to know that all of that is no more.

Billie Jean - Breathe Carolina (Michael Jackson)

It's baffling how Breathe Carolina managed to turn a perfectly all right pop ditty to robotic, overly manufactured pop trash. And they say one should never cover the songs of Michael Jackson... we have a strong case here why. 

Right Now (Na Na Na) - Asking Alexandria (Akon)

To be honest, the original song was never a ear pleaser so technically Asking Alexandria was not butchering anything. But still, a minute or two of the song and you'd think Akon wrote a masterpiece. 

Super Bass - The Downtown Fiction (Nicki Minaj)

Attempting to showcase the heavier side of this catchy song, The Downtown Fiction has failed greatly. In fact, the cover just sounds like a more Glee version of an already pop-py song, so super bass-ic.