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Sing along to Grease in a special screening by The Projector

Sing along to Grease in a special screening by The Projector

Independent Singapore cinema house The Projector have always been one for unique screenings — they encouraged attendees to dress up for a special Halloween screening of cult comedy film The Rocky Horror Picture Show, and audiences threw forks at screens and recited quotes while watching The Room.

Now, they're doing something special for Grease, the classic musical paean to hip 1950s America.

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On March 25th, The Projector will host a sing-a-long screening of the film, where you'll get to sing along to songs like 'Summer Nights' and 'Hopelessly Devoted To You'.

Singaporean comedians Becca D'Bus and GloGlo will host the screening, while there will also be a 50s-themed bar, and pop-up shops with vinyl records by barber shop The Panic Room, who will also be there at hand to give you the best stylish rockabilly hairdo with high-quality pomade.

Limited tickets are available here, so grab yours before they're all gone. 

Here's how the sing-a-long might look like, in a trailer for a special US run in 2010:


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