Grime and Grit: The fearless sounds of Stööki Sound

Grime and Grit: The fearless sounds of Stööki Sound

Dark yet crystal clear, hard-hitting yet very inviting -- these words are what best describe the sounds of London-based electronic masters Stööki Sound

The duo comprising of DJ Lukey and Jelacee are currently on their Australasian tour and will soon hit Philippine shores on September 23, 10pm, at Black Market.

Stööki Sound was first spotted on music radars in 2012 with the release of their debut EP "Gold Trap" that got listeners hooked on the convergence of heavy bass beats, trap, and hip hop.

With the help of our friends from Moonbeats Asia, we got to ask Stööki Sound a few questions and had them talk about touring, their musical influences, global markets, grime, and many more.

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Your Australasian tour just kicked off. How do you find the club scene in the respective regions so far? Is it any different from the London scene?

Down under knows how to party! We had a lot of fun there. Its actually not that different to London in the sense that the venues are pretty underground, and they like to get rowdy.

It's your first time performing in the Philippines. Have you heard about the electronic scene in Manila and the artists? What kind of sounds and which artists have you listened to, if any?

We aren’t too familiar with the electronic scene in Manila, it’s our first time to the Philippines so really looking forward to discovering some new music when we touch down.

You guys come from the Grime and hip hop scene of London. Can you tell us what else inspires/influences your music? Anything outside of London?

We gather influences from everywhere; from our love of movie scores, world music, dub step and drum & bass. We love to manipulate styles into our own.

Your sound is somewhat fearless in a way that you boldly combine different elements in your music and it works and the result is an anthem. Where did that fearlessness come from?

It comes from the determination to continue to make music we love. We have spent a lot of time touring and playing to different audiences and in the process we have learnt that people feel real music all around the world. It encourages us to stay true and keep pushing our own sound.

What can you say to upcoming artists who are hesitant towards experimenting and pushing boundaries like you guys do?

It is very daunting and difficult to stay true to yourself, as money is a big temptation. But we encourage people to do whatever it is that they love, no matter what style or genre, as it is far more rewarding

In another interview, you guys said that there's a distinguishable gap between markets. Is there a way to bridge this gap or do these gaps actually work in favor of artists?

Physically traveling to play markets helps to bridge the gap. Sometimes it’s not until people see something with their own eyes that they realize it can work. We feel it’s important that DJ sets educate an audience and help them to discover good music new and old across different genres so that’s an element we bring into our sets.

You guys plan to take Grime global and make it more accessible. Do you see Grime becoming mainstream in the near future and if it does, how would you feel about it?

We just want to help people in the UK who have been working hard for years. We grew up listening to mc's and producers at home who are too good to be slept on. I don't have much of a say on the state of Grime because we're not a part of any scene. We're just happy that the world is starting to take notice of homegrown talent and we want to help push it in anyway that we can.

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Watch Stööki Sound Live at the COLORS Studios:

Stööki Sound in Manila is happening on September 23, 10 pm, Friday at Black Market. Tickets are available at

Stööki Sound in Singapore is happening on September 24, 11 pm, Saturday at Millian Singapore. Tickets are available via Peatix.