H Y B R D T H R Y 02: A track-by-track guide

The members that make up collective H Y B R D T H R Y are not united by sound — in fact it is the disparity and eclecticism with its roster that they pride themselves in. Originally an avenue for a crop of Singaporean "bedroom" producers, it has since evolved into a platform for young, hungry musicians who place the importance of community as highly as artistic growth.

Their ultimate aim is to allow free expression in a shared space, in hopes to foster a stimulated environment for musicians of different genres. In their words, there's "no boundaries, only music."

With their new beefy compilation H Y B R D T H R Y 02, comprising of 29 tracks, collective leader Fauxe guides us through each submission, which you can stream individually below, along with the group's definitive vision.

This is H Y B R D T H R Y.


xyrus - 'Electribe'

One of our latest finds in the community, Stan Poh, aka xyrus, started producing about a year ago with the help of a powerful phone app called Caustic. Most of his early productions all came from just a phone, which is what you be hearing from his submission. Mixing ambient, minimal drums, piano riddles melodies, and lots of synthetic work, prepare yourself for the journey that starts to unfold. 

Diphasic - 'Dread'

No words can describe the man but simply one of the most versatile and humble producers we have ever met. For someone who has been making music for a long time now, Diphasic still never faces to surprise us with his constant evolution in his productions. His submission takes you on a dubbed out journey through the evolving sounds, low end subsonics, tight beats, and tasteful sound design. Plus, that horn! 

Anomy - 'Gissie (Cheng Cheng) Remix'

Benjamin Low aka Anomy is a trained jazz drummer and a drum & bass producer who, not surprisingly, loves to blend in both worlds together. Being the newest member of Phyla, he has constantly showed us that he is as versatile as his deep appreciation for music. Never shy to try new things, his submission, which is also a remix, expertly blends in the use of vocal samples,ambient washes, sub bass movements, and plenty of rhythmic patterns.

Iyer - 'Wishful Thinking'

Nikhil Ramakrishnan, also one the head honchos of Phyla, makes music that’s deeply rooted in the footwork/juke culture as Iyer. Taking those influences and adding in his own Midas touch to them, intelligently chopping Indian music in the mix, to create beautifully stringed synthetic melodies. He is someone that can make you appreciate something so minimal, yet impactful. His submission concisely illustrates the foundation of his ever-shifting musical exploration. 

Intriguant - 'K.Y.F.'

Another fellow producer who has had his mark here in community for awhile, Louis Quek, who goes by the moniker of Intriguant, has been making his own brand of electronic music that focuses on the strengths of minimalism and paralyzing downtempo vibes. Never one to shy away from experimenting, his ability to make music speak for itself is a true testament to what we at H Y B R D T H R Y believe in. His contribution says it all. 

Young Spice - 'The Examined Life'

Leon Wan, who is one half of Young Spice, started making beats out of a mutual interests to explore many different styles and ideas. Using samples, instruments and a his trusty MPC, he’s been steadily making beats and continuously strives to bring the good vibes. Thats what you get from him. 

Anomy, Kain, jandaL - 'Kronik'

This collaboration between the three of them is a perfect example of one of H Y B R D T H R Y’s motto, which is the belief in how collaborating with one another spawns forward thinking ideas. Anomy and jandaL, who is a drummer and the other, a jazz bassist, play alongside Kain who is a member of the KL label Akyhla and also resides now in Singapore. They take this collaboration to the next level, fusing double bass, live drums, broken beats and tastefully crafted samples to form a seamless collaborative piece. 

Irfan Kamal - 'Exiting the Flesh'

Irfan Kamal grew up on hip-hop and drum & bass music which eventually led him to explore a much deeper perspective to music throughout his teenage years. He found himself enticed by the possibilities of expressing himself through making music. Influenced by the obscure sensibilities and oddity of his experimentation, his submission is constructed by fusing manipulated abstract statics, gritty organic textures while being haunted with the stomping mass of industrial rhythmic mantras. 

J ī n h ó u / 金 猴 - 'jock itch'

This is a project that explores the use of noise and its’ infinite forms and permutations. 

Zeekos Perakos - 'Ailing Memory'

Having grown up in the local metal scene, Zeekos Perakos started making electronic music as a way to understand music in a different light and as a personal project to express himself. Someone who is never afraid to experiment with noise, extended techniques and countless experimentations with sound in the studio, his music is a reflection of his own explorative ideas in music composition with software and hardware experiments. Combining so many elements of music into a perfect blend of his ideas, this is a song to be experienced. 

IM - 'Escapism'

Imran aka IM, has been one of the early contributors to the H Y B R D T H R Y community. From 2010 till now, he has always been fascinated with how sounds are structured, morphed, and sequenced together to make the perfect beat. With that in mind, his submission encompasses his experiments with chopped up vocals, hard hitting beats, fluid basslines and an overall wash of synthetic sounds that rounds up the track. 

Fzpz & Gindara - 'Promising'

Jarren Lim aka Fzpz is a producer who marries jazz and boom bap influences in his modern take on electronic music, a long-time member of H Y B R D T H R Y. On the other hand, his music consists of bass heavy and synth elements, which allude a sort of mystical and relaxing vibe. Franco de Guzman aka Gindara is a man of mystery who, from the shadows of his realm, marries lo-fi beats with his tasteful use of samples and synthetic vibes. Mixing both these vibes into one formed the basis of their collaboration. Sick stuff.


Gema - '1800'

No stranger to the music scene here, Gema has always been about the soul. Most importantly, how he makes you feel about the music, directly or subconsciously. Always forward thinking, he always leaves you wanting more. Vocals that make knees weak, along with chord structure that poke your soul, his beats and production have always been a staple for us in the community to feel inspired and vibe to. Expect no less than that for his contribution. 

Audiomotive/eBÆ/Shallowest - 'Survival Mode', 'B Ur Gurl', 'Girlfriend'

Royce Koh aka Audiomotive/eBÆ/Shallowest is a man with many names and monikers but one main goal — to strive for constant musical achievements in his sound. From his early beginnings to now, Royce has been pushing the limits of his own creativity, choosing to think out of the box, blending different musical ideas and always trying new things — from infectious tribal rhythms to dark trap music, he has no boundaries or restrictions to his music. 

Sofklo - 'rmbr when...'

Sofklo’s influenced by the sounds of nature, anime soundtracks and classical works from the romantic period. She’s open minded and I like how she approaches her output, working more like little sound experiments, an expression of her never-ending stream of ideas. Her submission is a clear example of her tasteful way of implementing soft keys, almost sampled out of some anime tunes, with glitchy rhythmic drum works. This is definitely just one of the many feels and vibes that she pours out effortlessly. 

MSBK - 'Big Jet Plane'

The man behind the moniker is Syazwan Kamsani. He’s been making music for the past two years, taking his time to craft his own ideas of dance music. Influenced by heavy synth works, retro-esque vibes, and even minimal approaches to productions, MSBK is one who is constantly pushing himself to greater heights. His submission, which is a remix, is a good balance between minimal aesthetics, tight bass lines and simple grooves.

Mediocre Haircut Crew - 'One of a Kind (ft. Cap'n Malas)' 

Three dudes who met in polytechnic, omarKENOBI, mickeyLEANO and daniKIDDO realised they could rhyme words together on tempo and went on to form Mediocre Haircut Crew: a testament to their shitty hairdos. After uncovering their hidden powers through the miracle of online beats and a Macbook mic, the three started producing music and continue to do just that for anyone that bothers to listen.

G-Preme - '19'

Gerald Goh, also knowns as G-Preme, is a rapper with a lot of heart and passion. Coming from a world away from the music scene here, he has been constantly writing and working on trying to be as inventive as possible, intuitively merging the old and embracing the new sounds of hip-hop. With this compilation, he shows us what it means to be a new soul riding on an old school vibe. 

Dead Lagoon - 'I Want You'

An anonymous group that spills nostalgic, soulfully crafted good vibes. 

Quite Quiet - 'Cute Set of Teeth'

Darell Laser is a man with so much talent. Playing in various bands like Forests, Allegiance, Tough Day At The Beach, the music he does as Quite Quiet is a blend of rose-tinted nostalgia and endearing rawness. He has a knack for emotional vocals and honest songwriting that just kick you in the gut. His submission takes you on a ride, through plain fields, long train rides, cloudy dreams and stargazing trips. You might get warm fuzzies all inside. 

Timmy Autumn - 'Spittle'

Paul Lin, who writes under the name Timmy Autumn, lives in his head and likes to imagine conversations with strangers, as well as scenarios based on things happening around him. He finds comfort in the quiet of his bedroom and listens to sad music, which in turn inspires him to write music dripping with melancholy. Raw and honest — Timmy Autumn at his best. 

Anise - 'Pulp Fiction'

Trying to find her roots in a more mature oeuvre, Anise's compositions are often simple in structure, but emotionally complex. Her contribution to the compilation which she has taken on a slightly darker hue to, is also part of her recent work slated for release in December. Having been apart of The Diarists, she understood where H Y B R D T H R Y was coming from and why we were doing what we did. Her music is a constant reminder to know that acoustic music isn't just about sappy love songs. There's so much deeper one can dive in, musically and lyrically.

Monga - 'Aether'

The inner explorations into the depth of vibrations and wavelengths by filling voids with organic frequencies and meaning, without form or order. Thats what Nazeer Hussain sets out to do in music as Monga. Open your ears and experience the music. 

Zero The Memory Thief - 'Vaude Villain'

Yushilmi Saini, who is part of The Crazy 88 and The.XS Collective, also writes music under the name Zero The Memory Thief. He designs beat-riddled soundscapes for you to tread upon. Heavy on synths, bass driven and glitch-laden pieces, his music is an extension of himself and is about making you feel a certain way. Always open to trying new things and blending in different influences, his submission transcends the aural/physical barrier and resides in every heart and mind of the listener through his music. 

Project2501 - 'The Last Sunset'

Being apart of H Y B R D T H R Y from the start, Basil Tan has always been a creative individual. Whether it was through the eyes of his lens or with his constant experimentation with music using guitars and whatever he could get his hands on, Project2501 was the avenue which he created for himself to do just that. His submission for the compilation is both emotional and heavy at the same time. It’s about the feelings. How it affects you. That’s what Project2501 is about. 

WatchTV - 'Angels'

This is an anonymous entry in our H Y B R D T H R Y community. Like everyone who’s featured on our compilation, they’re dead focused on the music. With just one listen, they can evoke a staggering amount of raw emotion, with a clever introduction of post-rock/screamo elements in their music. We just knew they had to be on this compilation.

Navire Creux - 'Novitate'

Axel Ante, who founded Navire Creux in 2009, has been creating music to narrate his life and open up a cathartic outlet for his pent-up emotions. Having no fixed genre, he focuses on write music intuitively, evolving and progressing further to produce a heavier sound, geared towards a whole new direction, creating potent post-metal. If that doesn’t shock your senses, his track on the compilation will fully explain it and blow your brains off. 

What truly represents H Y B R D T H R Y? 

H Y B R D T H R Y was started for the bedroom producers.

The bedroom musicians.

The ones that didn’t have a voice.

An avenue. Those that ever felt they were alone in this.

We were for you. This is why I started H Y B R D T H R Y. 

How I managed to pull this off was no easy feat. All I knew, was that if I wanted to see change in the city I live in, I needed to be that change. The countless hours and the sleepless nights I’ve spent is nothing compared to watching these guys and girls grow. 

To see them prosper in their musical endeavours, to see them collaborate, to see them accept each other as a family. This is how you make a change in your community — with one communal voice. 

We are all in for one cause, and that is to be heard.

So what truly represents H Y B R D T H RY?

You be the judge.

We let the music speak for itself. 

You can find out more about H Y B R D T H R Y on Facebook and Bandcamp. H Y B R D T H R Y 02 is available for streaming and as a name-your-price download.