Halsey unveils whimsical new video for 'Graveyard'

Halsey unveils whimsical new video for 'Graveyard'

Halsey whisks us away to dreamland with the fanciful visuals for 'Graveyard'. This follows her latest release, 'clementine'.

With her fellow co-star, Syndey Sweeney, Halsey pulls us into her dreamscape, shrouded in shimmering pinks and yellows. They frolick hand-in-hand and flirt in an empty theme park amidst flashing lights. Flitting from the Ferris wheel to the merry-go-round, with only eyes for each other, they finally emerge into the aquarium featured in 'clementine' and her girlfriend mysteriously vanishes. Halsey is alone in the empty park, grayscale and surreal, wondering if everything was just a figment of her imagination after all. 

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Halsey's upcoming album, Manic, is set for release on 17 January 2020. She will also be headlining Neon Lights Singapore on Sunday, 24 November. Get your tickets here

Watch 'Graveyard' below.